Motorola Droid battery cover

The first thing I was told after being handed a Motorola Droid was: "Be careful with that battery cover. It loves to come off." And, sure enough, it does.

The good news is that Bryan at The Gadgeteer has posted up a quick video showing a few quick seconds with a small flathead screwdriver can help keep that cover in place, so long as you don't mind some very minor surgery to your device. (We're not worried about it, but isn't really an official fix or anything.)

Check out video of Bryan's fix after the break, and let us know if it helps you any.


Reader comments

How to: Toughen the Droid's battery cover


Man I must be lucky, its been a little over a week now since I got my Droid and the battery cover has never once come off...or even tried to for that matter.

What I did was bend one of the 4 tabs in a bit so that it doesn't slide off so easily. Not sure if this has been mentioned before. It hasn't slid off since after sliding off like 10 times a day.

My battery cover just recently came off so I called up motorola for a fix and they sent me a new one (5-7 days) shipping. I didnt want to wait that long so I went to my local verizon store and talked to a sales rep there he said they were out of stock but I could order one and it would come in 3 days but it would cost me 4.99.