The T-Mobile myTouch 3G has been rooted. The wonderful folks of XDA developers have already hacked the myTouch 3G and were even thoughtful enough to provide detailed instructions on how to gain root yourself!

As with all rooting methods, if done incorrectly it may brick your device, so please tread carefully when following the instructions. Rooting a phone can be beneficial to those who want to take advantage of the full power of the phone--you can upload custom ROM, install apps to SD Card, etc--but it comes with obvious danger such as turning your once functional phone into a very expensive paperweight. If you're not the most tech savvy we recommend you sit this one out, but for the rest of you--go right to your rooting needs!

Here are the instructions on how to root your myTouch 3G as posted by Amon_RA of XDA developers.


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How To Root the T-Mobile myTouch 3G


In Canada my HTC Magic (MyTouch3G) comes with a hefty 3 year contract. Oh how I would love to play around with it.... but if I brick the thing I am truly up crap creek without a paddle.

just put insurance on the pgone, and if you brick it claim the ins. just tell them u ran it over with the car.

I bricked my myTouch trying to gain root access.

Now the phone wont even turn on. When I plug the usb cable to the phone and pc the led at the top of the phone turns orange and then I can do the volume down + power button.

So I can’t access bootloader or recovery. The only thing that works is the blue led trick when pressing trackball + power button.
I tried below procedure to recover but it didn’t work.

Step 1: Turned Phone off by taking out the battery.

Step 2: Prepared SD card
Put SD card in card reader and formatted it as FAT32, copied the DREAIMG.nbh onto it.

Step 3: Put SD card back in phone

Step 4: Hold Vol down + Power + track ball together and put batter to start phone

Step 5: Run update

Please reply on and let me know what to do and how to proceed.

Thanks in advance.


I just bought the Mytouch 3G phone a couple of days ago. I happened to stumble on the whole rooting the Mytouch phone. I've tried it the "1 Click method way" many times. The Flash Recovery just won't work on my phone. It keeps saying that Baackup Faild: Could not run command. I also tried it the longer way and my laptop I'm using won't install the Android usb driver so I can use the whole Fastboot thing. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out.

ok, so I've tried 3 times now to root my MyTouch3G and the same thing happens everytime.

I load the apk, flash the recovery img, format and partition, wipe and then the rom. this is where it goes wrong, after loading the custom rom (cyanogen 4.2.5 and 4.2.15 so far) and reboot it just goes to the green screen and just sits there until I pull the battery and reload sappimg..

its really getting to me because I feel like I'm just missing something obvious, so any help would be great.

if you can, email me at

Thanks!! : D

To format to fat32 ure sd card has to be below 1g if its over u have to download a farmat program that will format it for u I have a 8g and I downloaed a formatting program and it worked fine now I have a rooted g1 u also have to have ure phone unlocked for this to work.
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