Minimalist keyboard crafter Minuum promised to bring Minuum to Android Wear, and they're ready to give the first glimpse of it actually in action. Previously we saw Minuum offer a concept of what their keyboard would look like on the Moto 360, but the currently-available LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live have square screens and don't need the arc-shaped layout. Plus they're also available, which made it much easier for Minuum to actually test their Android Wear keyboard in real life — as you can see above on the G Watch.

Minuum notes that "there aren't yet many apps on Android Wear built with text fields available for typing" — most Android Wear interaction is done through swiping or via voice — but they're apparently working with other developers to make it possible to use Minuum with as many apps as possible.

The question is, though, is a keyboard (Minuum or otherwise) really what you need on a smartwatch?

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This is how Minuum on Android Wear looks in real life


Voice to text will always be the best solution. Otherwise pull out your phone

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Always? :) ...also at a night club, in a noisy city, in a crowd, concert or just a room with loud conversations?
I can see the usefulness of this, if you insist on having a smartwatch. For instance a quick reply to a message.

That's what the phone is for... Hence my original post... You can also preset responses. IJS
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Well, personally I wouldn't jump on a smartwatch today, but, saying that just because you like to do everything in one particular way everybody else has to do it that way too... Well... I've never really believed in that.

I like the Toq. VTT has been great. Tried keyboard on the SW2 and just found out faster to pull phone out. I'm sure it'll improve but just not my preference

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I see it useful for people who are working and want to quick reply without talking or taking out their phone . Could also be used to responded to something personal without taking phone out . Guys stop being one minded . Hate when people complain about there are no apps and then when we get apps complain .

Yep. Before I watched the demo I thought it would be a joke. Looked great for quick texts etc

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I'm testing Minuum on an OG Galaxy Gear (with original Android not Tizen). Once you get over the initial learning curve and the software learns more about your vocabulary its fine for quick short-burst replies. Again useful in noisy environments.

As a person who responds to texts via my laptop (google voice) because I find tying on a smartphone annoying, this looks horrifying to me. However, as a nerd, I am very impressed that someone is able to make a keyboard that is somewhat functional on a screen this small.