Motorola Backflip Eclair update

Motorola has sent out the test version of the 2.1 update for the Backflip to a limited group of people.  If you're not one of them, no worries -- the download is out there for the taking -- or at least until it's taken down. Here's what to do:

  • Charge your phone fully.  This could take up to 40 minutes according to AT&T, but our tipster says about 15 minutes.
  • Grab the file right here.
  • Copy it to the root of your SD card (not inside another folder), and make sure it stays named ""  Sometimes Windows likes to add to the file type extension, so double check.
  • Tap the menu key > Settings > About Phone > System Updates and look for the update. Your Backflip should find it, install it, and reboot.

When you restart (this process may take a while!) you should be running Android 2.1.  Our friend also says that you may experience apps force closing, this can be fixed by uninstalling, then reinstalling.  Good Luck!  Thanks anonymous friends!

Update: Actually, it looks like Moto's ready to go with this update as soon as testing's over. You can find the entire Backflip Eclair update page here, and the release notes here. (pdf)


Reader comments

Motorola Backflip to Android 2.1 upgrade instructions, release notes


Lol, I doubt many people even touched the device, its ugly and slow. Still, for those who do have it, I heard it has a lot if stuff going for it.

After this update its not longer slow. Yeah it'll never compete with the N1 or Evo. But its not longer the terrible thing it was. (not talking about form factor, although i love it) But it can actually be used now, without it freezing while sliding through contacts.
I bought mine when it first came out because i was stuck with AT&T and now i'm stuck with it. But after this update I'm not so sure I'm going to switch to Sprint now. Atleast not right away.

Jerry the page you found was the page they gave us to do the update, and is supposed to disappear tonight. (who knows if it will or not) Thats what they said to us.
But the PDF I havent seen and seems to say otherwise.
So who knows.

the backflip has had 2.1 for about a month and a half now, unofficially of course. id rather have the unofficial w/o blur and overclocked than ATT's BS

Yes Google is default now.
There is no yahoo as far as i've seen.
But it does seem to fix the root exploit. :(

Awsome! Now that that yahoo wiget is back to google's I think I'll get this phone. The up in it's speed is also apealing.

OMG finally, good job.
I'm outside of the States so I thought I´ll never get this update.
My MB is flying... Thanks.

There is a radio update in it as well. idk what it does. But if your radio band is different than AT&T i wouldn't advise installing it until its certain that it doesn't break your wireless ability.