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Looking for a sweet taste of Ice Cream Sandwich on your LTE model Motorola Xoom tablet? If you got some time to read, some patience and the hardware you will definitely want to check this out. Android Central forums member BasPilot has taken the time to write up a rather lengthy, detailed explanation of the process that not only tells you what to do, but also why you are doing it and breaks it down rather simply. If you are feeling risky and want to get to flashing be sure to hit the link below and get to reading!

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rem_kujawa says:

Or just wait for it, I'm sure it'll be out before the Nexus line.

crxssi says:

The Xoom WiFi is essentially the Nexus Tablet. I am fairly sure Android 4.0 will come out for it, officially, before the Verizon Xoom. Possibly within the next two weeks. The 1,000 regular-people "testers" already got it and are looking for anything wrong before the push.

darthspankus says:

Thanks for the post! I reviewed the process and luckily I already had many of the steps done, ie. bootloader unlocked, clockwork mod installed. The only thing for me to do is to flash the rom, flash the root tool, and flash the gapps. Thanks for the info! I'll be sure to update after the install. I do have 1 question, where does the rom come from? I know where to download it, but where is the source information? Thanks! Rock on!

harold42483 says:

Please note this is a custom Rom and not from motorola. If you have a wifi xoom and want stock ICS without root follow this thread

harold42483 says:

Also to the MODS : I originally posted the guide to flash ICS for Wifi xoom. From which other threads were created some recognition would've been great instead of high-jacking the thread I created. Thanks