T-Mobile G2 speed test

The up side to being the first kid on your block with an HSPA+ device? You get stupidly mad speeds on the T-Mobile G2. This comes not from our boy Jeremy Sikora's G2, but from an anonymous tipster (geographically unknown as well as anonymous in name), so you can argue the validity all you want. And, no, it's not like the browser's going to be processing pages at that speed. But downloads, well, that's another story. Have at it, folks. Thanks, anonymous!


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How fast is the G2 on HSPA+?


It's the browser. So that speedtest is probably fake as it doesn't show the ISP which would say T-mobile. An easy way to crush the doubt would be to show the ISP which if he would just scroll down a little it would show it...

It's gotta be a fake! Tmo would totally keep quiet the fact that they have a wireless network that trumps Sprint 4G by more than double? I think not.

What are you talking about, I've seen multiple commercials saying their network provides "4G speeds", so they haven't kept quiet about it.

Whether or not this test is real/accurate I have no idea.

the site is mobil speedtest or somethign like that I usually search it on my phone as mobilespeedtest and its the 1st or 2nd link. through browser.

Um, thats not fake kids.

Did you not read that this is the first phone to take advantage of HSPA+

It says right on the phone specs, theoretical DL speeds of 14MB max.

" *Based on 4G speeds currently available to mobile device users in the US; new network not available everywhere. Device has theoretical capability of 14.4 Mbps. "

Yes... THEORETICAL. Real world speeds ought to be significantly less. I don't know if this is a fake..but in the best case scenario, the website being used is just inaccurate.

Why would they be so much less when there is NOBODY ON THE NETWORK?

The 4G is going to launch here in Detroit next week supposedly.

I'm willing to use Speedtest and I'll give it a shot.

Just look at what the speed is showing. From what I understand theoretical tops out at 14.4. This is above that at 14.9 Mbps

Living in Toledo, I got 3G when Detroit got it. Hopefully I'll be getting HSPA+ at the same time as well.

You must not understand much about 3G/4G in reality when you look at the technologies, there is no real difference between 3G and 4G. They call it such, but in the end, each technology can always be pushed further. Look at EDGE what is considered a 2G technology. Most providers max it out at 256K yet it can hit 600K instead.

HSPA was originally designed at about a 3.6 mbps downlink, now it's a 7.2 downlink, now 21 downlink and in 2011 a 42 downlink. At this point you can't measure a network's technology based off speed.

The biggest designer back in the day was actually originally that 3G allowed simultaneous voice and data and 2G didn't. Alas, Verizon and Sprint refused to actually support the necessary technologies to allow such. So when you actually look at their networks, they would more qualify as a 2.5G technology due to the lack of 3G's simultaneous voice and data.

When will you people learn mobilespeedtest.com IS NOT ACCURATE AT ALL!

I am disappointed in you Android Central. I though you knew better. I: have achieved 10mbps on my Nexus One on mobilespeedtest.com. Not possible on a nexus one.

I agree with everyone that mentioned mobilespeedtest.com is not accurate. I only trust the speedtest.net app from the Android Market. By far the best speed test app in the market.

While it does not always run great on the Evo 4G, I agree, it is still the best out there. Oh, and this article makes me cry when my Sprint EVDO runs at 40kbps during peak hours, like right now.

1. It's not WiFi, unless the tipster has already hacked his G2 and edited the framework to hide the WiFi icon.

2. Not surprised to see 14 + speeds on HSPA+, but am surprised to see it on a public network with other users. HSPA+ is fast as hell, but gets bogged down easily once slots fill up.

3. Even the speed test app from the Market reports wrong speeds. Unless my Sprint EVDO is magic and can pull 4 MB/s down....

I like the Evo, but I'm not going to sit and cry because something faster came along. The website probably isn't 100% accurate, but I know a solid HSPA+ connection will be a good bit faster than even the best WiMax (even in a testing lab I couldn't get over 14 MB/sec with an Epic or an Evo, and I was only 10 feet from the source.). WiMax's advantage over 3G+ and LTE is it's backhaul, not it's raw speed.

It's believable. My Nexus One was pulling 4-5 MB/s down 1.4 MB/s up this morning (9/27) using Speedtest.net (Market). I don't use WiFi. I'm sure I'm near a tower. I can't believe that I'm faster than my work's T1 and and as fast as the DSL's backup line.


its not wifi, it clearly shows H at the top, not wifi. No, speedtest app and mobilespeedtest.com (thats what that pic is showing) never agree but i find they are not "that" different.. within a few kb. speedtest app shows my vibrant normally between 4-5.5. mobilespeedtest.com normally shows it around 5-6. So by that logic, drop it down a mb or 2 and it falls well within what your average HSPA+ speeds should be until that airspace is more populated.

You also have to remember that the G2 has the entire HSPA+ spectrum to itself. Exept for a couple of Rocket aircards, there is nothing else that it has to split airspace with. So for early adopters in an HSPA+ neighborhood, they are going to have a lot of fun fast times. Id say whoever posted the pic just caught some lag free airspace. I guess we will get to test it for ourselves shortly.

that's not fake...i work for Tmobile, and the G2 is full HSPA+ compatible, and it will get 14 mbps...which it shows here! Sprints 4G cant hold Tmobiles jockstrap!

point i forgot to make.

dont pay too much attention to the comparison graph. It has wimax clocked at 2500kbps. it should be quite a bit more than that. with a theoretical max of 12mbs (12,000 kbps) i would assume the average is quite a bit higher than 2500. Its just making the comparison look like more than it really is.

He simply turned on Wifi, did the speed test and then turned it back off. I just did it with my Droid X and it looked just like this except the speeds were a little faster. Nice Try. lmfao

exept the droidX would need wifi to do that, since it has a theoretical max of 3mbps on vzw's heavily used network. thats quite a bit different than 14.4mbps theoretical max on a new network with wide open bandwith since this is the first phone to use it. VZW definatly has the coverage, but when it comes to speed, Tmo is where it is at.

I have used the speedtest app from the market with 4g from columbus, oh and my best speed has been 6.19 mbps. So, no where near 4-6 times faster than sprint 4g.

I just ran it on my VZW Pre+ from mobilespeedtest.com and it showed 816kbs. I had 5 bars of service (not WiFi). Maybe it's close...

I believe it's possible since my vibrant pulls down between 8-10mb/sec here in phoenix in the downtown area outside of where I work just on 3g.

I have similar results with a Nexus One at Landmark Center in Boston, two blocks from Fenway Park. I have consistently received that number, or higher since + was turned on in Boston. I consistently see between 14 and 20 outside at this location. I am typing this on the Nexus One at Landmark.

The actual number that mobile speedtest.com shows may be wishful thinking, but speed tests of multiple MB's complete much faster on the Nexus One than the iPhone 4, and the Epic 4G (with 4 bars of 4G) at the same location. The downlolad speeds on all webpages seem much faster on the Nexus One at this location. I doubt the number shown is accurate, but fast download speeds are definitely being achieved. At least in the Landmark area, the Nexus One downloads significantly faster than my Epic 4G with a 4G signal which causes me the question Sprint's $10 4G premium.

I attended the gdgt meetup in Boston last week, and T-Mobile had a booth. I mentioned that I was getting great download speeds in some locations (lousy in other parts), and the T-Mobile Rep stated all current devices will see improvement since + was turned on in Boston.

Yeah, mobilespeedtest is not accurate. If I run it multiple times the subsequent tests just ramp up faster and faster until it's ludicrous speed.

As for the G2, yeah, I can see it getting 14mbps or close. No other phone is using TMo's full HSPA+ capacity right now, so if you have a G2 in an HSPA+ area, it's pretty much just you.

I believe it's possible since my vibrant pulls down between 8-10mb/sec here in phoenix in the downtown area outside of where I work just on 3g.

No, that's not possible. The Vibrant's max speed on HSPA+ is capped at 7.2mbps.

Why are you people keep saying its 6 times faster then sprint's wimax. I get 10-11mbs and others in other cities are getting 14-15mbs with no problems. I think some of yous really need to go back to school and learn math. But its good T-Mobile has something. I mean In md they are the most garbage POS network. I had someone tell me his sidekick and T-Mobile was better then my old instanct and sprint, but I had 2 bars in a complete concrete basement and he was roaming to whole time. The G2 is what T-Mobile needs to keep them from going under. I think the G2 would make a could phone, but lets no brag. The Evo the best device a few months ago, then others came out, now G2, then a month or 2, something is going to blow his phone away. Having the best only last a few months.

umm. deaofly, sprints theoretical max is 12mbps. it will never see it because there are more devices that it splits bandwith with between sprint and clearwire. i can believe a constant 8-10 in some areas, but 14-15 is quite impossible. Tmobile's theoretical max on HSPA+ is 21. The g2 can go up to 14.4 and theres noone on that bandwith right now since its the first phone to use it.

Besides, the worst network is ATT. We all know this. lol.

one thing i always wondered.. why the 14.4 cap? is that just a "realistic expectation" or an actual cap. Anyone know the reason?

my vibrant showed the exact same results on a HSPA+ network when I did the 7mb test on that mobilespeedtest website

I have been seeing similar speeds on my nexus 1 and vibrant so the speed number in MB/s is not accurate but definitely faster than before

I'm only saying what others have said, not sure what they are using to test there speeds, browser sites, apps, ect. But some have said they have hit 14mb. And no where i live T-Mobile is worse. When i get a call from friends on T-Mobile stand out side with full bars and there whole conversation is choppy and then they have call drop problems, then they are the worse. At&t has never been a problem. I have family on at&t and we don't have problems talking, but T-Mobile is a whole diff story. Again where i live, Maryland.

Where in Maryland? I ask because I spent a week there this summer visiting my sister. Sprint service was pretty good, I got 4G just fine at the Baltimore airport and in DC, didn't check whether I could get it at many other places tho (it was never less than 3-4mbps when it did connect tho, unlike 3G which can drop to half a meg in bad areas). I visited DC and Baltimore and speeds were fine everywhere, tho I found a near-deadspot on the recently built apartment complex where my sister was staying (near Laurel I think, very close to the Under Armor HQs).

Down here in Puerto Rico T-Mobile doesn't even have 3G yet, ugh. Granted they've only been around for a year or two whereas AT&T/Sprint have been around much longer and AT&T has the biggest customer base by far (no Verizon down here). I'm hoping they implement 3G soon, because if I ever want to switch from Sprint I want at 'least ONE viable choice... To many bad CS situations w/AT&T to ever go back.

Fake. Completely fake. 100% guaranteed fake. How do I know? I have the HTC Desire on Telus' HSPA+ network, a device rated to achieve theoretical peaks of 7.2Mbps downlink on a network capable of 21Mbps. Where does this site rank my speeds? right above 56Kbps dialup, when I know for certain Xtremelabs Speedtest (which I personally find far more reputable) rates my downlink at between 2.1-3.2Mbps and my uplink at an approximate 400-476 Kbps. I know people will say that this can be affected by my signal quality and interference from other sources, but I did these tests in the exact same place the exact same way (positioning, etcetera) maybe a few minutes apart.

If we want to get a better idea of what the G2 is capable of, I suggest that the site used (mobilespeedtest.com) not be the official word.

EDIT: Ok, seems I was a touch hasty... though I still think this could be a bit inaccurate. I'm certain that WiMax is not at a cap of 2500 Kbps, nor is HSPA+. I'm now reading much like others who have done this test... on the 7MB file test averaging at about 3037 Kbps on Telus up here in Canada. I think this speed test site needs to be updated and worked on just a bit.

so.. your comparing telus's network to tmobiles like they are exactly the same. I average around 5000kbs on my vibrant that maxes at 7.2. heck, i just posted a tastey speed test to prove it. no 2 networks are the same. heck, no 2 areas on 1 network are the same. there are tons of factors that go into it.
sounds more like Hater-aid.

also to the guy spoutin about wimax. sprints wimax cap is 12.. not 21, not 40 (something tells me you are reading tmobiles network update notes and thinkin they are sprint's). that is way less than tmobiles max of 21. dunno what u heard, but it aint true. :)

I don't think this is real. It could be, but it reeks of foul-play. BTW, the theoretical max for WiMax is not 21mbps, it's 40mbps. Also, with the new software upgrade, it will be over 100mbps. I just did a speed test using Sprint 4G here in Jacksonville and got over 24mbps then it settled to 16.19mbps at the end of the test, here is the screenshot. http://yfrog.com/caw5qj I often times get 6-8mbps on my phone and frequently see over 12mbps. I'll keep my Sprint 4G WiMax anyday.

Argh! Stop stop stop stop stop!


MobileSpeedTest simply uses TEXT to do a speed test. This means that the data is very easily compressed when transferred. And is ALWAYS compressed when transferred. As such, the speed of the data is not accurate. You could possibly get 1Mbps over edge from a test like this. Compression methods and CPU speeds have gotten so good over the years that high compression of text on the fly is very very cheap and allows for lots of text to be sent in smaller amounts of time.

The only proper way that a speed test can be done is to use random garbage that includes all possible characters in the 8-bit space.

The graphics above are not FAKE. They're simply INACCURATE. This story should be taken down. That is definitely a screen shot from MobileSpeedTest.com and is NOT indicative of a proper speed test of HSPA+