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How to eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup


Hey, that's me. Well that's pretty cool that my second wallpaper makes it into the headlines. Thanks Phil!

This is awesome... However, in an effort to offer suggestions to improve the well-being of the members of the AC community, I offer this advice, Scoty... You may need braces... I don't think your teeth are aligned properly... ;)

You got me on that one. I was preparing for criticism and it ended in laughter enjoyed by my wife and I, thanks!

Oddly, a just read a webcomic showing a tombstone and the cause of death was finding the one wrong way to eat a Reese's.

There's a link in the forum thread attached to Phil's original post. If, for some reason, that link isn't working right and not getting you to the picture please let me know.

I'm honored that people want my work as their background image and I'll do whatever I have to in order to make sure that the people who want it can get it.