How to customize and use the Lock screen in Sense 6

If you're using HTC Sense 6 on the the new HTC One M8, there are lots of ways for you to interact with your Lock screen. Not sure what all the unlock options are? Want to add widgets to your Lock screen or change the wallpaper to one of your own photos? Follow along and we'll show you how to do all of it!

How to change the Lock screen wallpaper

While changing the theme in Sense 6 takes the Lock screen wallpaper with it by default, you can also change the Lock screen wallpaper to something different than your Home screen.

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Tap on Personalize
  3. Now choose Lock screen wallpaper.
  4. Choose Use custom wallpaper.
  5. Choose your wallpaper and position it as you'd like. Tap Done.

How to launch Google Now, BlinkFeed, your Home screen, and more from the Sense 6 Lock screen

HTC Sense 6 gives you a few ways to unlock your device. Depending on what gesture you use, your Android device can take you to different things.

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to launch Google Now
  • Hold down on the lock button and swipe left to go to your main Home screen
  • Hold down on the lock button and swipe right to go directly to BlinkFeed
  • Hold down on the lock button and swipe up to unlock your device to the last item you were interacting with

How to add widgets to the Lock screen

Just swipe left on the Lock screen and tap the plus sign in order to add a widget to your Lock screen. Choose the widget you want and you're done. If you ever want to remove it, just hold down on it with your finger and drag it to the trash can.

How to disable the Lock screen

If you don't want a Lock screen in Sense 6 at all, you can easily disable it through the settings panel.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Security.
  3. Now choose Screen Lock and then tap on No lock screen.

That's it. The Lock screen should now be disabled.

How do you have your Lock screen set up in Sense 6? Do you use widgets or gestures or are you captain default and leave things exactly as they came? Let me know in the comments!

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Reader comments

How to customize and use the Lock screen in Sense 6


I wish all notifications could tie into the Sense 6 lockscreen. It's basically the only thing keeping me from running Sense on my DNA.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm going to check that out! Thanks! Really though I like the aesthetic of the Sense 6 lockscreen and considering how everything can tie into notifications now (I'm running Carbon on my phone and it has incredibly useful lockscreen notifications) I think it's stupid they make you use their own apps.

Posted via Android Central App

You don't need to hold the power button to do the swipes. Just need to pick it up and swipe. Doesn't work if phone is flat or not moving.

Posted via Android Central App

Question, does the M8 switch to full album art on the lock screen like stock android when playing music? That's one thing I'll miss when my M8 comes and I abandon my N4

Posted via Android Central App

Don't forget to install "screen off and lock" from the play store so you can turn off your new m8 with a swipe from the home button.... Never have to use the power button again.

Posted via Android Central App

The M8 lock screen infuriates me. Yes - they allow you to add widgets to the lock screen but not the main lock screen. To get to your custom lock screen widgets you have to swipe, and unless you swipe in a very specific place, it just takes you to your home screen instead of your widget. Even if swiping was easy, its pointless... If I've got to swipe to get to my widget, I might as well just put my widget on my home screen and unlock my phone to see it. Its the only thing I don't like about my M8

For some reason this option: Hold down on the lock button and swipe left to go to your main Home screen
Doesn't take me to my main home screen. it always takes me to my left most home screen.

I figured main home screen would be designated by whatever screen it goes to when you hit the home button.

Odd that the 'Lock screen wallpaper' option doesn't appear on the Personalize menu of my One Mini 2 running Sense 6.0...

My htc one max updated to this today, only after the update it turned on and automatically locked to a voice only unlock screen, previously i had a password i typed in to unlock but i cannot get it to unlock now, any help or ideas guys?
I'm now unable to access my phone since the update :/