YouTube Subscription

Always have the best videos at your disposal

YouTubeYouTube allows you to watch a wide variety of content with the simple action of tapping on the application and doing a quick search. While scrolling through the millions of videos for something to watch, it is possible to stumble across a channel filled with videos that interest you

Fortunately, YouTube allows you to easily subscribe to these channels — say, for instance, the Android Central channel — so that you can find every new video released without having to go back and search for the video maker again.

Why you should subscribe to YouTube channels

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When loading up the YouTube application to watch something, it is nice to have one place that has every new video created by channels that you already know and enjoy. This convenience can only happen if you have already spent hours on the service looking through videos and finding content creators whose footage entertains you so much that you want even more of it in the future. For me personally, I subscribe to over 140 channels because I have enjoyed whatever type of videos that they make. Being able to quickly go to my subscriptions and watch several videos a day by people that have already brought me amazing entertainment is like having a DVR setup on your TV. While YouTube does not automatically start downloading all subscription videos to your phone or tablet like a DVR, it does make it easy for you to find the videos that you will enjoy. Having subscriptions does not stop you from finding more content from others because there are always suggested videos under whatever it is you are watching and there is always the option to search for even more videos on a subject. Your subscription list can never stop growing.

How to subscribe to YouTube channels on your Android Device

The quickest and easiest way to subscribe and make sure you know about all future videos from a channel is to click the subscribe button directly under the video you are currently watching. To do this, all you need to do is hold your phone in portrait while watching a video and you will find a bright red subscribe button. If you are using a tablet, you will be able to see the button while the tablet is either in portrait or landscape just as long as you do not have the video playing in full screen. If you are already subscribed to the channel, the box will be grayed out and the button will now have a check mark next to the word subscribed.

The second way to subscribe is to go directly to the channel itself. To do this you can either search for a specific channel or just click on the channel name under the video if you are currently watching one. Going to the channel first before subscribing can be useful if you are not sure that you want to receive every future video created by the channel. If you have already watched several of the channel's videos and know what they will distribute in the future, you can go ahead and subscribe right then and there.