With wild (and unconfirmed) rumors swirling about the future of rooting on the Nook Color, those who already have one of the modded Android tablets just got some good news: the port of the Honeycomb preview that's running on the Nook Color can now be rooted.

Dev NuroSlam posted a method of installing the necessary su and busybox files, which will grant apps like Root Explorer, Titanium Backup, and SetCPU root access.  It still isn't working in conjunction with SuperUser app (which asks your permission for root), so you're missing that extra layer of precaution.  But if you're handy with a command line, check out our how-to root Nook Color Honeycomb thread and enjoy your rooted Honeycomb! [xda-developers]


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Honeycomb on Nook Color rooted


This is by far one of the most interesting developments I've witnessed since switching to Android. In less than a week, private developers:
- put Honeycomb on a random (inexpensive!) tablet;
- made it work to the point of being semi-stable and usable as a daily device;
- got what is probably the very first root exploit on a Honeycomb system into the wild;
- all in their free time without any incentive other than satisfying curiosity.

Now I wish I had gotten my hands on a Nook before they got (temporarily) pulled. If someone confirms that this process still works after the revamped model is on the shelves, I'm buying one.

the rumored reason that they pulled the Nooks is for preparation of the Froyo update to the stock rom. Since this Honeycomb port boots off the SD card, it is not affected by anything they do to the internal software except for one thing: if they change the boot order. I'm assuming this is the only reason the SD boot method works. The Nook will boot internal memory if no bootable partition is found on an inserted SD card. If they change it so that it does not allow booting from SD, that is the only thing stopping it from working but then it will have been ported to an internal install so it is of little consequence (of course, there will have to be a new root for the new Froyo stock rom).

Actually, the temporary pull of nooks seems to not necessarily be true, and you can order one today for immediate delivery (or so the web page suggests). http://www.barnesandnoble.com/nookcolor/index.asp

There hasn't been any follow up reports of any changes to this device.

It might have had something to do with the Dr. Oz show which is apparently going to give away a boatload of Color Nooks on the 7th.


So set your alarm for 3pm EST on the 7th.
See B&N page here: http://barnesandnoble.promotions.com/nookgiveaway/splashimg.do

Barnes & Noble also sent out a promo this morning advertising Nook Colors for Valentines day. That would be tough if they are out of stock for rooter-proofing until the 18th of the month.

Interestingly enough I bought a Nook two days ago (day after AC posted the article about B&N pulling it). I was lucky enough to buy the last two they had; however my buddy (at another store) was told there was a store wide recall and they didn't have any. Even more interesting is the store I was at had no idea what they were talking about.

I think if you are going to buy one, now is the time to get down to B&N and see if they have any.

I thought that at first, too. But B&N is selling the Nook Colors so cheap because they expect to make money by selling content, which rooting would probably reduce.

OK I just bit. Who knows, the hype could be a ploy to ramp sales up at the moment for some reason, but the nearest B&N was out of stock so I drove a bit and just grabbed one here south of Houston.

It will be running Honeycomb once I can get it away from the wife...

Was in my local bookstore this afternoon and saw the Nook display and I got very tempted. Just spent over $250 to get the snow/ice knocked off my roof. That was my Nook money!!! *sad face*

One additional good thing I hope comes from this... I'm not looking to buy a Nook, but with that floating out there at 250, it should help to keep other tablet prices down.

Got my second NC (wife has number one, and can you believe it? She just wants to read books on it. Man, this might have been a marriage-stopper if I had known about THAT character flaw.) just to make sure no B&N funny business is going on.

Haha, same here. I haven't gotten the 2nd NC yet, but I got my girl one for Christmas and she's not interested in all this "fancy-shmancy stuff." I'm hoping once I get myself an NC and show her all the Honeycomb awesomeness on it, she might become interested. Who knows though. Shoot I'm still trying to persuade her to get an Android phone (she has a Blackberry currently and that's her first smart phone).