Google+ gets a new notifications mascot, 'mark all read' button

Normally we wouldn't make a big deal about such a small change to Google+, but this one's kind of fun. Stick with us here.

A couple days ago the little notification identifier switched from a number (which Facebook appears to have adopted for unread posts, by the way) to a bell with a rather cute smiley face. We'll call him Mr. Jingles, because that's what Google's calling him. Blaze through all of your notifications and click on Jingles, and he does a fun little dance. Yes, we're easily amused. 

Jingles has just hit the Android app for Google+ as well. And along with it comes a new button to mark all of your notifications as read. It looks like a little bar graph, and it's now on the web version of Google+, too. Tap it or click it, and your notifications shall bother you no more. Or, in my case, for the next three seconds. Jingles then appears, applauding your notification-marking ability, and does his little dance.

And, yes, Mr. Jingles is on Google+.

The change is done on the server side, so you don't need an app update or anything. Have fun poking away.

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WoozyBE says:

Nope, still no Mr. Jingles!

NoNexus says:

Bob and Clippy are unimpressed

Insp_Gadget says:

Bob can go "bobbing" down the river, and Clippy can "get bent". I like Mr. Jingles. ;-)

Hreidmardmar says:

I had Mr Jingles last night and this morning then all of a sudden im back with the old notification system. =/

TheDu9du says:

are you sure you're using the same browser?

Hreidmardmar says:

Using Chrome as default browser since Chrome 2 came out.
And someone replied with the same "problem" on Mr Jingles G+ page.
Maybe i was in beta testing(i wish) haha. :D

To the tune of Mr. Sandman:

Mr. Jingles,
ringing my phone.
please leave me alone.

A little dance,
the plusses go away.
Then seconds later
Google Plus ruins my day

Why did you go?
just continue to flow.

Please come back before I groan.
Mr. Jingles ringing my phone.

Insp_Gadget says:

Well-played, Mr. Kessler!

ChromeJob says:

LMAO... Now my comment will be a little less grumpy.....

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Evilnut says:

I liked the numbers, Mr. Jingles sucks!

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cordawgfrito says:

No. You suck.

moosc says:

I want Mr jingles in my notification bar please

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SABtres says:

Nexus 4 with NO bell icon (still the number) on my notification bar. Also, my notifications NEVER seem to go away, even after I click on them. Somebody please tell me that I'm missing something super simple to clear these out...

SABtres says:

I cannot even mark notifications as "read" or what not via the web interface... A list of ALL of my historical notifications stays at the top right corner dropdown...

Lanhoj says:

Having a Nexus doesn't guarantee you'll get App updates ahead of everyone even Apps from Google. It only means you'll get firmware updates first.

Try Force Closing your G+ App. Worked for me on my Nexus 4 but was possibly a fluke since as the post says, it's done server-side.

jhhoffma says:

I heard this in the voice of the cajun guy from The Green Mile...it made me smile.

fromage2323 says:

im offended this post is not about cats

Evoken says:

Mr. Jingles popped up for me a little bit ago! So cute :)

Kvoth says:

He just told me he likes my shoes o.O

Hello everyone!

So that's what that was?

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Eduardo06sp says:

I think that once we're updated to version 4.1, Mr. Jingles will appear in our notifications bar!

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s2weden2000 says:


codehut says:

Lol, I love it.

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chrisbd1 says:

Just notice Mr Jingle showed up on my notifications on the web. Off to check my N4.
Yep he's on my n7 as well. Cute little bugger

KLP needs Mr Jingles in the notification drawer

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CeluGeek says:

Once again a large, functional indicator gets replaced with a useless, yet cute-looking characters.

Where's the smartphone platform for adults?


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ChromeJob says:

This is actually a step backwards for me. A visual indication of the NUMBER of waiting updates was useful. Mr Jingles is just another a Clippy. Maybe G+ is becoming a kiddie app.

[EDIT] Oops, nevermind. Mr. Jingles can count.

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