HTC ThunderBolt inventory

Why's everybody look so shocked to hear the HTC ThunderBolt's coming out on March 17? We totally had complete faith in that e-mail we showed you on Friday. (Any hedging in our post surely was coincidental.) Anyhoo, the evidence is mounting, with this morning's tweet and voicemail, and now the listing in Verizon's inventory system. And retailer Wirefly's getting into the game, saying it's opening up pre-orders tonight for a March 17 shipping date. All that's left is for Verizon to actually officially announce things. (Our guess: about 5 minutes after a certain Android Central editor goes to bed.) [Wirefly, Engadget]

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ddarvish#IM says:

starting to look almost official

AceOptimus says:

I hate it when companies dance around product release dates like this. I mean why not just tell everybody? An explanation for why it has been delayed maybe?

Laughed pretty good at the end there. :)

moosc says:

the only thunderbolt info I hear about is the new thunderbolt port on the new macs. hear that port is wicked fast

Dr.G says:

Didn't we see adds like this the last time there was a rumored release date?

dabaum says:

My local Costco's wireless folks told me the 17th last Monday. She kinda hinted that they had some already.

Harlemknight says:

Hurry up already, my Storm 2 freezes more than Eskimo piss.

wlong99 says:

called verizon twice today with billing questions and then asked about the thunderbolt one rep mentioned Thursday and other one mentioned will be here in less than a week... can't wait for it, my Storm 1 is killing me

rookie83 says:

beer in one hand, jameson shot in the other while my TB rocks on its kickstand at the bar while everyone around dreams!!!

Goralla says:

Who cares about the reason for delays,just announce a release already!

baadams52 says:

Just got a call from my verizon rep release date is the 17TH

alexv1989 says:

Does this have. Notification light? Just wondering

FreudSlipped says:

"about 5 minutes after a certain Android Central editor goes to bed" 7:05 PM?

mettec says:

For those who were wondering if LTE is going to cost more, the guide says data plans $29.99 or higher needed. Sounds like it will be the same.

sjenkins1009 says:

I think verizon is doing it just to spite Cory after he said in the podcsst last week it won't come out this Thurs.

I've been waiting for this phone forever but am getting sick of the hype...let it drop already!!!

Make note that although the data package will cost the same, I noticed a side note that a 4G SIM card will be required. Wonder what that will cost!

Mike_is_Mike says:

I hear the official cost is: PLENTY.

venom845pd says:

dont care waiting on droid bionic

It's official!!!!!


thesneak155 says:

jakl;sdb qwoiefjvipobjn iojogqerjtogfjibjqwrtfgb.... Beginning of excitement!

pDoG says:

wait, what is this phone again? Will it run Android?

Mike_is_Mike says:

Thunderbolt? I seem to remember a phone by that name. Is this a re-make of that old phone we were told about last year?

tim242 says:

Your ignorance and stupidity shines. Evo quadrant 1100, Thunderbolt 2000. Evo plastic, Thunderbolt Aluminum. New gen processor, more RAM, more storage, 32 Gig SD. Lte, better screen (SLCD), new Sense, better camera sensor, better network. This phone pwns the Evo, and iphone in every way. Get educated, fool.

AnimationB says:

Can the certain editor of Android Central please go to bed?