Spotify and Sprint

Sprint today as part of its announcement of the exclusive Harman/Kardon edition of the HTC One M8 also announced a new deal for Spotify subscriptions. All new and existing postpaid (ie not pre-paid) Sprint customers will get six free months of Spotify Premium, if you're on a "Framily" plan. You'll need to have an Android smartphone, iPhone or a Windows Phone (8 or 8.1) device.

And after the initial six months, you'll get a discount on your Spotify subscription, which varies depending on your level of Framliness.

Here's the deal.

Category Features
Framily (1-5 people) 6 months free and then $7.99/mo.
After 18 months, customers will pay full $9.99/mo.
Framily (6-10 people) 6 months free and then $4.99/mo.
After 18 months, customers will pay full $9.99/mo.
Non-Framily customers 3 months free and then $9.99/mo. (must opt-out)

And that's it. The whole thing starts this Friday, May 2.


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Nice deal for those not already with a subscription music service. Even the 3 months free for non-Framily accounts is great.

What about those of us that already have a Spotify Premium account. Do we get to take advantage of this offer as well?

Android Central should compare the features, compatibility, ease of use etc of the different music streaming services as google play, spotify, rdio and soundhound all offer the same product for the same price and their are no in depth comparisons online that help with making a decision....

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Only 18 months? :( Well. The deal is clever on Sprint's part. Give a low price plan with 1GB data with option to buy more and offer a music stream service to eat up your monthly allocation.

"Non-Framily customers 3 months free and then $9.99/mo. (must opt-out)"

Wait...what? "must opt out"? As in, If i'm not on a framily plan, and I don't use spotify, they will activate 3 free months and charge me an extra 9.99 in 3 months unless I specifically go to sprint and opt out before this starts?

No no no. Meaning IF you sign up for the first 3 months of free Spotify then you must opt out after that...

That's what I was hoping they meant, but the fact that it was called out on this one particular plan and not the others made me wonder, since "sign up for free then be required to opt out" is standard operating procedures in something like this.

Way to acknowledge your longtime subscribers Sprint... We've been through all the shit yet you only offer this to new subscribers on your Framily plan. Go learn to Engrish...

Meh, 3 months is better than nothing. I'll probably try it out, I already use Spotify on the desktop occasionally to sample new music... I still prefer to buy my music in the long run tho. Easier to manage it (for me, no caching etc), more freedom to do with it as I please, etc. It's kind of funny that the same public crying foul over smartphone contracts is all too eager to rent music tbh. I mean, movies and TV I get, maybe I'm just too attached to my music tho.

THIS IS SO GREAT SPRINT.... oh wait, if only they had a network strong enough to stream music on. Spotify, Google Music, Beat Music, etc. never worked "on-the-go" to stream anything, not even YouTube. So I have to say, I'm still pleasantly surfing the internet at speeds I could never imagine for Sprint's "now network." I guess T-mobile is really UNleashing the beast.

What's Spotify? Oh yea, that music service that absolutely refuses to use Chromecast so I happily switched to Play Music.


OK so if we currently are with sprint and have a spotify premium service we cancel the service then call sprint to add it?

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Telecom New Zealand did something like this a couple of months ago. Free Spotify sub if you were on a $29 / month pre or post pay plan..

I stream music on Sprint LTE frequently with no problem. Also, even on the 1gb plan I rarely end up using more than 600MB in a month. This is a nice offer but I wish it was cheaper. Paying $10a month for 2 subscriptions still seems steep and it goes up after the promotional period. Happy to use the free spotify, free Milk app, free Google play for my private stuff, and even fire up Pandora free once in a while. Oh yeah, and FM radio and or iheartradio is handy too. There is just so much you can get for free it's hard to justify buying a subscription.

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