Droid Xtreme

Here is a blurry picture of the Droid 2 Android activation screen. It looks exactly like every other activation screen you've seen, only this one is blurry, and on a Droid 2, which we're nearly convinced may itself be blurry, or possibly cast some sort of blurry distortion field around it. Coming up next: Blurry pictures of the Droid 2 microUSB port, headphone jack and power switch. (Note to Motorola: Announce this thing already!) [Droid-Life]

Update: Oh, right. Forgot that the Droid Xtreme is the un-blurry one. Post updated. :p

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tysmith95 says:

its not the droid xtreme, its the droid 2.

_JKK_ says:

Lol, I was tired of waiting on this one.

DROID Incredible, here I come (as soon as its shipped... )

well it really depends on whether u want a keyboard or not

Soco_Jon says:

i want THIS one!!!

tkfox007 says:

This is the one I'm waiting for

disco stew says:

Kina pissed that droid 2 comes out within 7 months of the original droid. Can't they at least wait a year.

Foxman says:

Didn't you hear? Last year's phones are apparently legacy devices.

disco stew says:

Spelled kind of wrong damn droid keyboard.

Soco_Jon says:

I'm actually glad I didnt get the original Droid and this one comes out 7 months later..My NE2 is in a month haha I tried so hard to get the Droid from Wirefly...I got the run-around and finally gave up. best decision I've made so far.

cMARVEL360 says:

BOOOOO! I'm sorry that i'm being a negative nancy but honestly it bugs me that my Moto DROID's glory was soo short lived. Not just that but the fact that the "Droid" isn't the only device with the "Droid" name in it makes it even worse. If someone asked me what kind of phone is that? I'd say droid and they'll assume it's a droid incredible or something trust me it's already happend. I always reply with >:[ noo there is only one DROID and it's what i have and everything else is bull. It's alright though because me and many others have the true DROID and the rest are just rocking our name.


easy1jay says:

There's no time. Time! Time! Time! iPhone 4's on it's way to stake it's claim! Claim, claim, claim! Blackberry's holding it's own! Own! Own! Own! Windows Mobile is sure to come! Come! Come! Come! To compete, companies for Android must produce more! More! More! More!

lyshote says:

Yea I hate how people that don't know that much about android refer to all android phones as a Droid.

04redgto says:

When the Droid 2 hits the OD (Original Droid) will be closer to 9 months old. And did u guys really expect them to pay the rights on the Droid name, just to put it on 1 phone? That wouldn't be a very good investment now would it. Attaching the name to a series of phones that can carry there investment for a longer period of time makes MUCH more sense.....

gqathu says:

I wish the Droid 2 had a front facing camera similar to the EVO...Other than that, I don't know if it would worth it for me to switch from the original. If I could unlock the EVO (minus 4G of course) to VZW I'd be all over it. Such is life...

theohbullet says:

Johnny Boy Ill stand up with u Im very happy with my Droid I switched to Android from blackberry best decision I ever made and i never looked back I can't believe what an amazing phone the Droid is and how much better Andoid OS is over the crap OS rim makes