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The past 12 days have been fun. Giving away great Android phones and tablets brings a good feeling to all of us here at Mobile Nations, and we were delighted to help Sprint give away 12 holidaylicious items. Everyone has been contacted, the info has been sent to Sprint for delivery, and all that's left is to congratulate the winners.

Without further ado, here's your list in order of appearance:

Congrats to all the winners, and happy holidays from everyone here at AC!


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Here are the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway winners


You misspelled NoNexus at least once!

Congrats to the winners!

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

I guess I didn't make Sprint's nice list this year. :(

Congrats to the winners. Enjoy the phones/tablets.

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some looked like my name, got excited for a second.. but, congrats to all the winners and Merry Christmas :-)

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Would have loved to have been selected, but it's a very nice and fun thing for you guys to do. Thanks for the fun!

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Merry Christmas to all the winner's! As usual I'm not one of them. Oh well, maybe next time.

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Wuuuu another one that I do not win! That is all I wanted for xmas! Thank you lol

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Holy (*#$ I won! I never win anything.. Thanks AC and Sprint. I take back everything bad I've said about Jerry..

Congrats everyone! Blah you won and I didn't haha

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I swear this is the nicest comments thread I've ever read, I love AC. Congrats to the winners, happy holidays everyone.

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Congrats to all the winners.. That Note 3 would have been the best Christmas present ever. Bummed that I didnt win. Anyways happy holidays to you guys.

I am confused, I don't see my username on the list.... So the guy who emailed me from Nigeria was lying?

It's always disappointing to not see your name. Even more so when you don't recognize one user.
Giveaways bring the casuals out I guess.

Well this is awkward.... You spelled my name wrong 12 times

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Congratulations everyone!! Wish I could have seen my name up there but oh well.. Next time!! Merry Christmas everyone!!

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cONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!! i won from AC before and i got to tell ya that the feeling is orgasmic! Enjoy!

Merry Christmas to all the winners and everyone else may God bless you! Keep up the good work AC

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Lucky guys. I know the feeling of winning a phone once on here and can say first hand how great these people treat you when you win and how much fun it is to win.

To Android Central, thanks for again arranging a great giveaway for your members. :)

Congrats Winners and Merry Christmas to everyone at AC and also to everyone in the AC Community!

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Congratulations to the winners. Wish it was me. Maybe some other time.

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That was awesome to finally win something! Thanks for all the thanks!!

Now I have to let the wife and kids fight over who gets it!! LET THE GAMES (and sucking up to dad) BEGIN!!! :)

I can't give up my One for an S4, that would be an affront to the Christmas miracle that has just happened. :)

Congrats and merry christmas you lucky dogs!! keep well and i hope that brightened your christmas :)

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~Lone androider in a tribe of sourapples~

Congrats to all the winners. Thanks to Sprint and Android Central for doing this.
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

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Merry Christmas!

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