ASUS Transformer Prime

So we're already giving away two ASUS Transformer Prime's with their keyboard docks -- one via Google+, the other in our forums. Only, as some of you have noticed, the Google+ link is mostly dead. Pesky rules or something. No matter. Here's what we're going to do:

We're going to give away a third Transformer Prime and keyboard dock. To enter, just leave a comment in this post. That simple.

So now you've got three ways to win -- in the now-dead Google+ thread (don't you worry, we can still see it, so we can still pick a winner), this thread in our forums, and now here on this post. We'll shut it down at the same time -- 8 a.m. PDT Monday morning.

​Who do ya love?


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Heads up: We're giving away a THIRD ASUS Transformer Prime and dock


Nearly 2000 comments when I posted this, so my chances are very slim. If I win, I'll be surprised, that's for sure.

This is a comment for me entering to win:

Yay, I'd like to win too! Put me on the list with the other 2000+ people that would like the same.

This is a comment in which I've won:

What!!!! That's AWESOME! AC Rocks!!! WOOO!!!

This is a comment in which I haven't yet had lunch:

Wow.. I'm pretty hungry.

Edit: ... So I was the 2000th comment. I think that should make me the default winner ;)

ASUS has the most superior tablets on the planet! I want... Android Central is the best.

I will gladly accept one of these three beautiful tablets. I promise to love it like one of my own.

Thanks for the opportunity and all the Android coverage you provide... Now, pick me, pick me!!

Android Central rocks. You can rock even better by hooking me up with this for my birthday this coming wednesday.

Thanks for all you do

Pick me! pick me! I would love to have one. Since I cant really afford one, winning one is my best bet.

I would like one. Heck I would go as far as saying I would love one. I'll take great care of it. I promise!

Tune of Joan Jet "I love rock and roll"
I love Android Central, put another Asus in the sweepstakes baby!

I would really love one. I've been looking to get a new laptop and have been looking at this tablet/dock combo for a while. Would really appreciate it if I won!

This is such a incredible tablet and I do not have a tablet yet I would love to win this :)

AC your site is the best and I can't afford a tablet but one of these would be a lifesaver for school! Please pick me!

Oh, awesome. It was late when I got in and I didn't get to mention the G+ page not working.

I would love a prime! And a keyboard too?! Heck yes. Props for some tablet motivation!

I'd like one..

So wait, is it too late to get in on the Google+ contest? That doesn't seem fair.

I can't remember if I commented in this post. I would love to be able to give one to my son for his graduation this year. That's what I would do.

I love Android Central! Wooooo!
*dances* *falls down* *dances some more* *gets tired and sits down*
woooo! yea!

This is one of the many great thinks about AC, always sharing the wealth with there readers. I'd love to win this just like everyone else, but eiither way it reconfirms why AC such a great place for all your android needs

I want it all! I want it all! I want it all! And I want it now!

... please? =]

I saw the headline and made a G+ to post but the post wasn't there. Put it back up so I can get my 3rd chance please?

I really need this. The fate of every gamers happiness depends on me being able to wake up and hold one of these every day.

Almost 2200 replies in about 5 hours. Doesn't anyone on this site watch men's basketball!

Send it my way so I can enjoy watching Final Four highlights on this bad boy!

There's a hatori hanzo sword in my closet, I'd hate to see what happens if I don't win one of these tablets lol thanks AC

I'll take it off your hands for sure. It would be my full time laptop solution. Than all I need is that ICS TV coming out(by Lenovo I think) and I can hopefully migrate off windows for good... Android on all my devices what a good dream.

Android Central is always my first recommendation for any new or soon to be Android owner. I've been on this site ever since I bought my OG Droid. It's unbelievable how much useful information is packed in here. Thanks for everyone's hard work and dedication.

As a confirmed mobile office kinda guy, a dock for my new Transformer Prime would certainly make leaving posts like this go much faster and remote logon to the office a lot easier. Here's hoping.

That would be nice, and would be much better for simple online tasks than my 3-ton "laptop".

If I win this, I promise that it will be used for productive reasons and not just porn and Draw Something.

"Who do you love?" What a simple question! Android Central of course for giving us the chance to win amazing free stuff. Would killer one myself please

This has got to be the post with the most comments so far!!! Hahahahah. Check out the new spied picture of the s3. Thats news worth commenting on! Hahahahah jk

AC with another awesome contest!!! Thats why you guys are the best!!!

It would be the greatest day in my life if I won one. I've never won anything significant or good before!

Went to best buy last night and tried the prime out. Really impressive. I'd love to win one!!

I would love to get this. 1- They don't sell em around here, 2- I can't afford it, 3- It would be super useful to have it as I am a student/worker and am always on the move.

Coolest.........prize.........ever......... I sure hope I'm the lucky one this time. Awesome giveaways AC! Thanks!

well, well, well, what have we here? you can take your asus transformer prime and shove it........directly into my hands

Thanks for this opportunity. Appreciate support shown to your followers. Would love to win as never win anything, off on long term sick so would really give me a boost

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