ASUS Transformer Prime

So we're already giving away two ASUS Transformer Prime's with their keyboard docks -- one via Google+, the other in our forums. Only, as some of you have noticed, the Google+ link is mostly dead. Pesky rules or something. No matter. Here's what we're going to do:

We're going to give away a third Transformer Prime and keyboard dock. To enter, just leave a comment in this post. That simple.

So now you've got three ways to win -- in the now-dead Google+ thread (don't you worry, we can still see it, so we can still pick a winner), this thread in our forums, and now here on this post. We'll shut it down at the same time -- 8 a.m. PDT Monday morning.

​Who do ya love?


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Heads up: We're giving away a THIRD ASUS Transformer Prime and dock



Third time is a charm??? I know my odds are bad, but wow, what an awesome device and keyboard to win! Thanks AndroidCentral, and thank you Nvidia.

I hope I'm able to win one of these! I've really been wanting to get a prime for a while now, but unfortunately just haven't had the money to spare. Even if I don't win though, you guys are awesome for all you do!

This isn't the only reason AC is the best place for android news but it sure helps. Mark me down for one.

I would consider maybe getting an Android Central or Lloyd tattoo if I was picked for this. Thanks!

Can i have one PLEASE? i always sign up for contests and never really had any luck winning them. winning this would make me so happy since the breakup with my boyfriend last week.

If I was elected to win the Transformer Prime I would bring peace to the middle east, lower taxes, and bring a new vending machine to all school campuses.

Holy Frijoles! I finally got a chance to win the coveted "Transformer Prime!" What's so great about this thing, anyway? Oh, by the way I want one too.

Despite the missing podcast this week, I am willing to forgive you guys if you pick me for this tablet.

Galaxy Note+Transformer Prime= Exynos in my pocket and Tegra III in my Backpack and a whole lotta Gorilla Glass ;)

I would love this prime. Working at best buy i look at one every day and it teases me! Thanks AC

I would love to get one. I've been unemployed for 3 years and can't afford to update my old computer

Please pick me, I am a beautiful person. (that last part was from pressing the space bar a few times in SwiftKey.

I think I need to watch my mouth around my 3 year old. She a little repeater. That being said...
I want to win this to leave in the living room to control my Sonos and maybe a Logitech Harmony link. One Prime controller to rule them all. Transform my living room AC! Do it!

Please choose me! I'm in the market for a tablet, I've been eyeing this one, and I would be forever grateful to AC!

I would love to push, promote, the Tranformer Prime tablet to my iPad friends. Plus, it could replace my laptop. Android Central rocks!!

Please pick me I'm turning 40 next week and I need something to keep me cool! :-)

Happy St. Patty's Day!!! If I win this, I will send a video in of me breaking my pos Archos in half!!

I would like to win but with almost no chance I would just like to say thank you for giving us a possibility to win.

Yes please!! Have been wanting one since launch. Yes please!! Have been wanting o

I could really use one of these. I'm in I.T. and my clients are always asking me what to buy and what website to get accessories for their computers and phones. Guess where I send them for their phone accessories?

Who do you love??? Android Central for their awesome prizes... Count me in...

Come on guys....
Just let me win one thing in my life---
I loose everyday living with the wife.

Just got my first Android, would love a new ASUS, I hear they are the best tablet out there.

Just got my first Android, would love a new ASUS, I hear they are the best tablet out there.

Phil Nickinson is all that is man, and Jerry Hildebrand is all that is beard!

You guys are top notch to offer a third unit for give away. Please count me in.


You guys are so kind - thanks for offering a third tablet - God I'd love to win this thing!

Wow , A 3rd chance !!! Thank You very much ANDROIDCENTRAL !!! you are indeed the best Android website in the universe

I think I've already left a post, but better safe than sorry. Would be sweet to win this bad boy.

oo! oo! oo! Pick me! Pick Me! I really want this! I tried so hard to get one when it came out , but it was sold out everywhere. I ended up getting a refurbished Motorola Xoom on a Daily Deal. It's a great device and I really love ICS, but its no Transformer Prime. I'm in need of a good keyboard and also craving that quad core power that is Tegra 3.

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