ASUS Transformer Prime

So we're already giving away two ASUS Transformer Prime's with their keyboard docks -- one via Google+, the other in our forums. Only, as some of you have noticed, the Google+ link is mostly dead. Pesky rules or something. No matter. Here's what we're going to do:

We're going to give away a third Transformer Prime and keyboard dock. To enter, just leave a comment in this post. That simple.

So now you've got three ways to win -- in the now-dead Google+ thread (don't you worry, we can still see it, so we can still pick a winner), this thread in our forums, and now here on this post. We'll shut it down at the same time -- 8 a.m. PDT Monday morning.

​Who do ya love?


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Heads up: We're giving away a THIRD ASUS Transformer Prime and dock



The transformer prime will take away my need for a laptop. I want one very badly.

I got my name in the other two, why not this one? Please? I never seem to win cool stuff like this.

Oh please, Oh please!!! Pick Me Pick Me (Like Donkey on the Shrek DVD). I'm stuck with an original ViewSonic GTab, and need some ICS love. Jon

I'm guessing it's going to be 10000 to 1 by monday, but here goes nothing!

soylent green is's people! new ad slogan for soylent green the delicious green colored cracker.

I would love to win this! On days when I am stuck in bed I feel cut off from the world. This would allow me to communicate and connect!

Tell me this is for worldwide readers, not just for readers from US/North America/selected international countries only...

This would make an EXCELLENT addition to my Android family!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

Help, I need that Transformer Prime! My TF101 has been held hostage by small people with a fixation on Angry Birds and Flash games! Send ... help ... in ... form ... of ... Transformer ... Prime---!

I love ANDROID CENTRAL ... so now you're really not going to pick me after I said ... LOVE ... (O_O)?

Greetings, scary computer people. I an texually expressing my great interest in ascertaining this grand piece of computing equipment. I would be ever so excited and happy to have the honor of winning the prize be mine. If I didn't win, though, my jimmies would not be rustled. -Fellow Android enthusiast: Sir Gregory Android Finklebottom III, Esquire.

OMG I WANT TEGRA3.... no seriously.. the rumor on the Google tablet broke my heart on friday

I definitely will take it off your hands, AC! Who do I like? AC of course! Thanks, everyone! :-)

I have an OG-Tranny (I just love saying it) with keyboard, I will not smash it wit a hammer as one poster said he would his iPod Touch for a free TF201. I love the old girl...but there's enough love for two. ;)

This senior citizen would love to have one. Never too old to keep up with great technology. Thanks AC.

A tablet that is blazing fast and you can actually do work on...yes, please.

In honor of the quad core processor, I say you guys should give away 4 tablets instead of 4.. :)

Android Central FTW

pretty please pick me :) I loved to show my friends with there new iPads what a real tablet looks like!

I'd love to win a Transformer Prime... I would give it to my daughter who is going to college (2nd year)... she needs all the help she can get!

sweeeeeet! wow this place is awesome. new to this site but since finding it, ive been trying to log in every chance i get. learning alot fro you guys!

This post has unusually many comments. I guess I'll join in! Thanks, Android Central!

Yess yesss please let me win! I want a Transformer Prime so bad. Ill love you forever! Thanks Android Central, Nvidia & Asus

In Soviet Russia, Android Central gives Asus Transformer Prime and dock to obidos!

I'd like one since I Shield about 4-6 of these a week with the InvisibleShield by Zagg. So yeah I get jealous when a customer brings one in and they have to take it away from me after im done. :(

Oh snap! I would really, really, truly love to get this!! I love your google plus page and this is an awesome contest!!

I would be a Prime candidate to have my android experience Transformed ;)

This would be a great gift for my mother in law who cant afford one. thanks for the give aways!

An Android Central Poem: I used to love Palm, I found myself screwed, I spit out an Apple, I need some new food. Something so sweet, like new Ice Cream Sandwich, The Awesome new Prime, To chew up my bandwidth! Pick Me!

You can keep the new ipad . . . Give me this any day! Gotta love Android Central; best news, best reviews, and the best giveaways!

My aging htc flyer just can't keep up with the demands my autistic son puts on it. These tablets are just wonderful learning tools and just plain fun in the hands of special needs kids.

The only thing better than a ASUS Transformer Prime and dock is AndroidCentral!!!!! OR maybe reading the latest Android stuff on AndroidCentral using a slick ASUS Transformer Prime and dock!
thank YOU

To answer the question, "Who do ya love," my answer would be my family, my girlfriend, and whomever the amazing people are who paid for my new Asus Transformer Prime and send it to me.

This is a great tablet. It would go to great use and allow me greater flexibility without lugging around other devices.

This is one of the best Android tablets out there and i would be honored to be picked. :-)

That'd be nice.

Sadly, you guys haven't posted rules for this. Hopefully people outside the US are able to win?

I would love to have it! Please keep up the good work. The best Android site on the web.

Please Android Central, I need this high powered Android Tablet and thanks for running these types of contests! Best Android Forum out there! You Guys Rock!

Can't wait until you guys let me know I have a new tablet on the way :) Yeah I'm going in confident on this one.

This site has been my homepage since I picked up my first Android phone...please please please pick me!

I would love to have this. It woul d really help show others the benefits of an Android Tablet. Spent a few hours with the new iPad this Friday. It was nice but limited in some if the things it can do compared to Android. And let's be real, iOS has lags too, it's still a computer

so ready to get my hands on one...ready to use it to finish college! ebooks, cheaper and better! pick me pick me!

cheers to 5 am et android central'in before class & work, could always use one of these. Keep up all the great work you do, it's much appreciated!

Purdy peas, with sugar on top?

I'll bring stevia for those who don't like sugar. Or splenda. Heck, I'll buy you some agave nectar if it helps me win.

I would greatly enjoy this fine piece of Android Technology. I will gladly wave it in the face of my ipad-loving girlfriend!

Can't hurt to try. I love the design concept of the Asus transformer. On the days when I'm sick enough to be suck in bed, I could use it in tablet form. On the days when I am well enough to get up, I could plug it into the keyboard dock and get out of the house. It would be amazing to have one, but since I'm too sick to work, and thus on disability, I'm not likely to get one without winning it. :)

Oh my, This would be great to have. Never could convince the better half to buy one, but getting one free on the other hand.....

I've been lusting after one of these bad boys and spreading the gospel of ICS and the T-Prime over iPad since day one.

Please! Please!!! Make this happen

Great marketing going on. I would love to have a Transformer Prime and dock. Android fan to the end. Who needs an iPad when you can a ASUS TP? You guys rock, that's why you should select me.

Man I wish to win this ! I'm from Egypt & I wish I win this to show them that there is other tablets that can be better than an ipad ! I really wish to win this :D

Man I wish to win this ! I'm from Egypt & I wish I win this to show them that there is other tablets that can be better than an ipad ! I really wish to win this :D

I've been salivating over this tablet since it was just a rumor. Please enter me in your 3rd chance.. well maybe 2nd since that G+ thread didn't pan out.


Hi, I would love to win this table for my Autistic nephew, he is learning to communicate thru the computer @ his school. I would love for him to be able to communicate to his parents and big brother etc @ home. He is so talented and smart. But he doesn't have 1 @ home for him to do so. Today is his 13th birthday and it would be a blessing for him to be able to communicate to us thru this ASUS TRANSFORMER PRIME. It will bring joy to him cause he loves computers and he will be able to learn even more as he explore! Thank you again for this opportunity! Have a wonderful Bless Day

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