loves his Evo

This man loves his Evo, and isn't afraid to show it.  See for yourself after the break. [demotherboyz via MiKandi (Adult)]


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SdotJ says:

Smh this is sad....I'm at a loss for words at this

jcmyers79 says:

Are we sure that this guy isn't on some other carrier's payroll?

Wow, wtf! Two thumbs down

bnob99 says:

Ummm..... no words.

Makad says:

If it was a caucasian that made this video, would that make all causians on Sprint look bad?

jimmyk0789 says:

This makes black ppl on sprint with the evo look bad thank god im on Verizon...and that song is a reason I don't listen to rap now I have to go listen to metallica to get that song out my head

lbjames231 says:

Too bad Metallica blows.

jcmyers79 says:

Wow!! He has captured all of my true feelings for MY EVO with such a catchy tune. Now this will be stuck in my head ALL DAY! Thanks a LOT AC!!

crxssi says:

It is already stuck in my head... like a nightmare!

Eloquence says:

After listening to it again, just to make sure I wasn't dreaming, it's actually starting to grow on me...

kinster02 says:

To do something like that he really has love his Evo.

durhamite says:

This made me laugh! He even had a video girl. LMAO

rdrizzle says:

Good song! Its good when songs are not always about living rough, or for the country folks, about your girlfriend leaving you. Just a fun song about something this guy loves...

Lol. Android is for porn

tim242 says:

Hey Sprint, y'all doin it real big now main!
WoW! Yeah, I love my EVO, but I know I won't have it long enough to die with it. We got dual co and mo comin nex yur main!

chefkeyser says:

This is just so great.

GRRemlin says:

Yeah... um... Wow... This is bad... in a good way :)

Eazy123 says:

I love my Evo too. I don't know if it's the phone itself or Android, but I have never had such a great experience with a phone like with my Evo. If I were stuck with it for the next 3 years, I doubt I'd care.

TheTaste says:

I hear that this guy later traded his Evo for an Epic. He would have made a video about it but he spontaneously exploded from its shear awesomeness!

babybear293 says:

Epic & Evo are not even in the same league....

boliviano3 says:

I hear he spontaneously exploded b/c he was po'd that his Epic was still on 2.1

magistus says:

He forgot the lyric, "I suck with my Evo" Sorry could not watch the whole thing.

ToddPsyD says:

I need to download this song for the ringtone on my EVO! LOL

I.R.R.V. says:

This was really funny, he should have had his video girl

da.bell says:

I'm glad he likes his Evo. That is one less person that has an issue with the $10 additional fee. :-) LOL

Okay, beating a dead horse. ;-)

tim242 says:

I don't mind paying the fee. It to me, is like a tax to help them build out their 4G network. Even with the fee, it's still the best deal around. I just wish Sprint would be honest about what the fee is for, instead of making up hardware related reasons.

noirelion says:

I've had 4g every day I've owned my Evo.
Fee smee!.... 4g ROXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!
I was getting 6megs down yesterday! it floored me... and I live on the outskirts of Philly! I can only imagine what they are getting downtown!
Feel sorry for you schmuucks in the hinterland.

crxssi says:

Yeah, well, most of us don't live in a 4G area and still have to pay the fee month after month. Can be irritating.

Donmeister85 says:

Werd hommiez...

biggbrother2 says:

Not available on mobile? Really? Had to play in browser (choppy).

noirelion says:

Issue with the ten dollar fee?
Some of don't live in the woods, mang!
4g kix ass! Philly has had it for the longest. Move out of them thar woods- ftw?

noirelion says:

Issue with the ten dollar fee?
Some of us don't live in the woods, mang!
4g kix ass! Philly has had it for the longest. Move out of them thar woods- ftw?

noirelion says:

When it says not available- tap screen a few times- sometimes it just launches.

shu-tech says:

HAHAHAHAHAHA gotta give him props for this its better than some songs thats on the radio right now i gotta show this to my bro's they both have evo's

He123321 says:

This was painful to watch on my Evo...

noirelion says:

All those that didn't like it have them crappy old school droids.. if they had the Lord of the Droids in their pockets,too... they'd have an indulgent smile. You can spot the Evo-less.. their comments makem bitter mang!

tgrant1975 says:

This message for the Guy that has a problem with rap.... if was a rock and roll video would that b ok? It was a fun video that's it. Stop taking shit so serious. I thought it was funny.


looook, im a 40 yr old black guy & The young dude did it hot!!! no embarrassment, it was all in good fun! AND THE GIRL WAS HOT AS HELL!!!
i love my evo also! f*** an iphone!

cwright9 says:

I didn't know they had prepaid Evo's

vader4633 says:

This video is not Epic

What's her name? :)

nsxla#CB says:

Typical sprint user? i am embarrassed

tim242 says:

@NSXLA786: Your comment is embarrassing. Why can't you people lighten up? Such asses.

Josh_k91 says:

Lmao this quite funny... a lil embarraing but hey, i love my evo and we go everywhere together so.... i feel what he is saying

dougeetx says:

They should play this repeatedly in every Sprint store. LOL

dudleyfire says:

This video needs to be on Tosh.0's "Is it Racist" segment.

smooney3 says:

Lol, that was awful. But awesome at the same time. Ok, maybe a little closer to awful. Entertaining, though.

estebancam says:

I thought it was funny. I would totally do something like that, but not for evo.

scribe4food says:

At first I thought this guy set the race back to 1910... However, I've been humming this damn song to myself all day! I love my EVO.

scribe4food says:

And just so I'm clear, I like this guy and song very much. It's fun, and catchy. If a white guy, with tight ass pants, long hair, and a electric gutiar did the same thing, would the people here go into the "race" thing? I doubt it, they would just accept it. So lets give this guy the same courtesy.

dacp283 says:

I don't care what race he was our what sorry phone he uses that was painful for my ears! I'm an equal opportunity hater :) lol.

noirelion says:

You can always spot the Evo-LESS....
They only spout bitterness....
What has race to do with it....
I swear the angry poor are always obsessed with race.. (prepaid evo? naw mang... family plan - We have three Evo 4g in my All American black family... imagine that....
The angry poor and Evo-less... so bitter.

KarmelVixen says:

Lmbao...i didnt know the evo was all like that haha

tim242 says:

@noirelion: The longer you stick around, the more people you will see in here that have nothing else going on in their lives. That's why they come to blogs, to cause drama and bully people...with the comfort of anonymity.

gtg465x says:

OK, you guys need to post this video:!

Much better!

crxssi says:

Wow! That is pretty impressive stuff. Not terribly melodic, but a lot more interesting than the one this thread is about.

tallbruva says:

The best thing about that video was the girl. Impressive? Not feeling it.

I'm not a fan of modern rap. But it was way more entertaining than this video. But whether you think it's good or bad, it's going to get a lot of hits. And Sprint will be dancing all the way to the bank.

Oh, we've got two Epic 4G's. Sorry. That Hummingbird with Eclair just crushed the Froyo laden Evo in Quadrant (video test) & Neocore :-)

crxssi says:

When Samsung abandons you after you wait several more months for 2.3, Evo will be 3.0 :)

gtg465x says:

Ja, werden sie wahrscheinlich aufgeben uns, aber Google ist verantwortlich für die Nexus-S und erraten, was die Nexus S ist. Yep, ein Galaxy S mit einem leicht gekrümmten Display und NFC, die sie sein sollte sehr einfach für Entwickler in den Hafen hat über 2,3, zumindest die GSM-Varianten der Galaxy S. bedeutet

gtg465x says:

So I had to convert to German to get around the spam filter. That sucker is really pissing me off lately. If I write more than a single sentence there's a good chance it will get flagged.

tallbruva says:

Then I'll put Cyanogen on it and it will be running better than the latest and greatest and still be faster than an Evo :-)

hydro says:

HAHAH! "its open sizource"

rlbrooks says:

What, this is better? I really don't get rap. It seems to be all about peacock feathers. Don't have to be better, just repeat more, have flashy lights, cheesy glasses, more dancers, and be longer. I just don't get it.

Jjpp23 says:

Hey MTV! Come on in ya broke muthafuckas!

Flip says:

I love my evo, n woooow a bunch of haters in this site

Saturn2K says:

This screenshot they chose looks like a black Hunter S. Thompson on acid, recoiling in terror.

rlbrooks says:

Wow! People are harsh. I really don't care for rap and hip hop, but this guy has really good cadence and dynamics. That helps to make it so catchy. Isn't that the purpose of rap? I guess I don't get it. How is a guy singing about a phone any more pathetic, and stereotypical, then singing about a G6? I'll stick to emo, alt, and punk, where you can sing about whatever without someone sticking you in a stereotype, social, our economic group.