HD Widgets 4

A brand new version of HD Widgets is on the way, and if you're interested in signing up for a beta group you can have it a week earlier than everyone else. The fourth iteration of HD Widgets is the first major update to the app in a year, and it's bringing a new interface for customizing your widgets as well as new styles and options for what goes on your home screen.

HD Widgets has over one million users already, and is trusting those who sign up for its beta program with an early look so that it can work out the last-minute bugs in the app before a wide release on May 1st. If you're the customizable widget type and want to take an early look, head to the source link below.

Source: HD Widgets Beta


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HD Widgets 4 to be released starting May 1, available to beta testers now


Hells to the Yeah! Love this app. Best widget\battery optimization period... Best news all week in Android.

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I've only used beautiful widgets is this a lot better that its worth buying or is it very similar?

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