Nexus 7

Update 2: Everything's working now. Huzzah!

Update: HBO has removed that Jelly Bean line from the "What's new" section. So much for that.

The HBO Go app today got an update to support Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, as well as "performance enhancements and bug fixes." Unfortunately, it doesn't actually support any devices that are actually running Jelly Bean. Go figure.

As you can see above, you still can't install HBO Go to the Nexus 7 from Google Play. Or, on a stock Galaxy Nexus -- also running Jelly Bean. 

We're hoping HBO just needs to flip the permissions switch in Google Play to allow the devices that actually are officially running the version of Android it now officially supports. But until then, we're just gonna stick to Netflix, we guess.

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jtbritto says:

Yeah, way to go HBO! Got excited and then couldn't install it :-(

JobiWan144 says:

Won't work on my HTC EVO LTE running CM 10.

Sitinon32 says:

Looks like they've removed the "now including support for Jelly bean" from the "What's new section". I don't see that on my Nexus 7.

Incubus123 says:

What's the deal with jelly bean ?? Why are so many apps not supported? what ever happened to backwards compatability ?

Murph5150 says:

What's the point of this article? We didn't have support before and we still don't have support. Let me know when Jelly Bean is fully supported. Thanks.


Btw, it actually is working. I guess they updated it.

Rhoq says:

Just installed it on my Nexus 7 from Google Play! :-)

Cuda62 says:

Installed, and working on TF300, running JB.

mosley04 says:

I downloaded it from the web store, it wasn't working on the app.

phaeton says:

working on my Nexus 7 now! Had to un-install my sideloaded version and re-install from Google Play.

presb4 says:

HaHaa, I love HBO GO!
I have been waiting for this day and now it works on my Nexus7 and GNexus running CM10. I had to clear the play store app data first before it would allow me to download it. But it works great now. Thanks HBO, now just let it be a subscription based service and allow shows to be saved for later viewing off line and it would be one of the best apps in the play store.

Joe H. says:

I've been waiting for this from my TF300 that just got updated and my atrix with CM10. I had just e-mail HBO GO last week asking them when they were going to update. They said soon, but I just figured it was a copied and pasted response. They also updated MAX GO to Jelly Bean :)