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We've seen this ourselves and have been receiving e-mails about occasional issues with the Google Nexus One's on-screen keyboard. In my experience, I've had occasional problems with the wrong key being activated -- I'd tap "a" and get the shift button, etc. And it apparently is more than just fumble fingers, as there's a massive thread going on in Google's support forums. The good news is that Google's on it. Their latest response:

We're still definitely looking this issue. We want everyone to know that if this issue can be solved by a software fix it will be addressed with an over-the-air systems update. If we find this is the result of a hardware issue, it'll be covered by the Nexus One Warranty.

Definitely check out the Google thread, as the more feedback they get, the more quickly we'll (hopefully) see a fix. In the meantime, what about you guys? Seeing any problems? [Thanks, Stefan!]


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Having problems with the Nexus One keyboard?


I haven't had any problems with my Nexus keyboard at all, but then again I actually have one, as opposed to talking about one. ;)

@Air Force One: just because you can hardly fathom the idea that i am not so lucky as you doesn't mean the erratic behavior of my touchscreen is not real. just a thought, keep your thoughts to yourself, be thankful your not in my position and stfu.

I'm sending my Nexus One back. Its unfortunate, but between the 3G issues and the touchscreen misfires its going right back to HTC.

I'll keep using my Hero which albiet slow is pretty reliable. Maybe they'll have the kinks worked out when it hits Verizon

I had the same problem. I downloaded "better keyboard" from the marketplace and that seems to have solved the issue

After hearing from Kevin Tofel that one should target slightly above, I've been doing that and it has been okay. I've seen this in both portrait and landscape modes, so it must be how the software touch driver is interpreting the location.

It would nice to have a calibration app/setting...

First off, hats off to you, Phil. Always keeping us updated.

Second, hats off to you, Google! I'm glad you accepted the problem and are even going as far as replacing all 20,000 devices because of this error. Let's hope you weren't just making us happy.

I love how all these problems are happening with the Nexus One and I love even more, the fact that mine must be one of a few that came out without flaws. I feel like most people are making this stuff up to tarnish the name of the Nexus. Just a thought.

Mine's had no problems either.

The reason why you're seeing so many bad posts is that people only post when there's a problem, they typically don't post if everything's working.

Kudos to Google for investigating this stuff when such a small percentage of buyers are having an issue.

Me and my brother have N1s. No issues here. I know that there are some doing this on purpose. What bothers me the most are owners of other Android based phones (Droid owners being the loudest) who are bashing the N1. I never saw this behavior from G1 owners (me being one of them).

@Nexus One user: just because you can hardly fathom the idea that i am not so lucky as you doesn't mean the erratic behavior of my touchscreen is not real. just a thought, keep your thoughts to yourself, be thankful your not in my position and stfu.

I've owned the HTC Hero, MT3G and the Nexus one.. hated the keyboard on all three.

I installed Better Keyboard on my Nexus One and it's been smooth sailing since.
Definitely recommend it.

To those having issues with the soft keys:

Has anyone given any thought that just MAYBE the fact that the soft keys are backlit causes you to have to tap slightly above/on the soft keys?

What is google supposed to do, move the backlighting?

This is how I know most complaining about this issue don't actually have the device. If you had one you'd have figured this out already. There is in fact nothing wrong with the soft keys. They are behaving as one would expect(if you actually have the Nexus of course)

@Air Force One:i've played with the droid myself and the backlit and the softkeys jibe perfectly so your argument is simply a non-starter.

Typing right now on my N1 and I can honestly say I experience this thing every so often. Quick on-off usually corrects this. Also it happens more often when I turn the haptic feedback. If turned off, it occurs less frequently.

I have the N1 keyboard problem. The issue I have seen is that it is highly erratic. I can hit "r" and the spacebar activates. I hit "delete" and the "speech" button will respond. I have slowed down my typing and been very deliberate with my input and I can watch the issue happen in slow motion. On top of this, it doesn't always happen. Also, I have now seen where some of the home screen icons will become unresponsive or take you to a random screen (vs opening the app). Annoying yes, but I will keep faith in Google/HTC for a quick software patch.

happened to me once in two weeks of using it. I did a power cycle and no problems since. I also turned off the haptic feedback for


btw - the Nexus One is a great device. I love it. Don't regret dumping the iPhone for a second. I just wish I could squeeze more battery out of it. It's the one thing I still miss about Blackberrys- still it lasts as long as the 3GS did. I have faith that software can fix a lot of the minor gripes and will come quicker than we had to wait for iPhone 2.0

Do yourself a huge favor and download " Automatic task killer from the android market and select to turn off all apps ( except those you need ) to shut down when the screen turns off . my battery last's 13+ hours with fairly heavy use , without it my battery would be dead in 8 or less , GREAT app !!!

I had this problem with my old curve.. I could hit a button and it would input a random one.. but then again that was because I got it soaking wet

I've noticed that the accuracy of the keyboard comes and goes. There are times when it's so far off it's unusable. I've found that rotating to landscape and back cures it most of the time. The couple times when that didn't help I'd just lock and unlock and it would be okay.

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I have just that problem. Bought my phone the first day it was released. Unlocked. Brought it back with me to Spain. very eager to get this fixed because it's actually becoming more persistent.

Im hoping someone can help me out . I know this article is on the Nexus one .. but Ive had a similar problem with my fender mt3g. I would go to type in standard not horizontal and it would move the curser up to the thread and stop typing .. I dont know what going on it happens everynow and then. Also if i hit 123 or alt it would just jump right back to abc mode .. can someone tell me whats going on please ? If anyone can help that would be awesome thanks

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