ThunderBolt eHPRD settings

We'd hoped to give Verizon's network a couple more days to settle before breaking this one on you, but these are drastic times, folks. See, more than a few of you have had issues with getting 3G data on the HTC ThunderBolt when you're in a non-4G area. Nope, doesn't make much sense. But landle in the Android Central Forums has done a nice job explaining how the TB uses the eHPRD 3G network to speed the handoff between 3G and 4G data. Problem is, it ain't working for a lot of people.

Good news is there's a fix -- no hard resets (which until now had been the recommended fix), human sacrifice or other unpleasantness. Here's what you need to do:

  • Go to the ThunderBolt's phone dialer. Enter ##778# and hit Send.
  • You'll get a pop-up labeled EPST, with the choice to "View Mode" or "Edit Mode." You want "Edit Mode."
  • You'll be asked for a password. It's 000000.
  • Now flip down to "Modem Settings," and then choose "Rev. A."
  • Change the setting from eHRPD to "Enable," hit OK, then press the Menu button on the phone and tap "Commit Modifications."

That's it. You're done. The phone will reboot (don't worry, you're not losing any data here), and things should, you know, actually work. As landale points out, you'll want to change this setting back once Verizon gets its network sorted out. But in the meantime, enjoy your, erm, new 3G! [Android Central Forums] Thanks, landale!


Reader comments

Having 3G problems on your ThunderBolt? A fix is just a few settings away


What exactly is this "fix" doing?

Is the eHRPD setting an automatic setting of somesort?

Would this be beneficial to someone that doesnt neccessarily see a consistant issue with 3g connections?

Anyone have any more of an explination on this?

By default, the LTE radio in the Thunderbolt is turned on, and with that it's software is programmed to hand off 3G and 4G connections to one another in a different protocol. For people using their phone in areas mostly without LTE, this could become a problem since their if no 4G in the first place. This setting will fix that so that the phone handles data hand offs in a matter more native to 3G or EVDO areas.

OK so how do i undo this?
after i did this i'm toggling between a lil bit of 4G...some 3G every no an then and minimal 1X...and sometimes NO NETWORK AT ALL!!!


I did a battery reset in a non 3G/4G area and was stuck in 1x mode when I re-entered into a 3G/4G area. I did another battery reset and have been fine since.

Don't know if this is the same type of thing or not.

My phone was acting up yesterday too. My GPS was taking like 10 minutes just to find my route and my 3G was non existent for a period of time.

This looks like a good way to turn off 4G, it did for me. Just wanted to try it while at work where I get 4G, I get it in most of the Valley. As soon as it booted up I lost 4G LTE indicator and the 3G was on. So of coarse I went back to eHRPD and LTE returned! I may try this to see if battery improves, I did notice speed difference for the few minutes I was on 3G while using web.

I'm temporarily working in an area with no 4G LTE, so I constantly see the "3G" signal. I haven't had any problems with data, so will doing this benefit me in any way (i.e. faster transfer speeds or better battery life)?

Thanks for this! I didn't have any problems until I went to an LTE area, then I noticed a lot of slowness sending texts and doing basic web browsing once I was back on 3G. I tried the suggested fix, and now I'm stable again (albeit locked on 3G just like with my old HTC Incredible). Fortunately, I bought the Thunderbolt for the screen, not really LTE, so this isn't a deal breaker for me. I really appreciate this post, though, as I was about to return the Thunderbolt. I have a smartphone and am on Verizon because consistent access to data is important to me. I hate to think they're so busy with the LTE rollout that they aren't also focusing on service quality.

The fix works perfect, but it sucks for people like me who work in a 4G Area and use the 4G and then come home to a 3G area and only get 1x