High-end specs and new voice control functionality lead ZTE into 2014

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Following up precisely a year after the launch of the original Grand S LTE, the 2014 flagship device for ZTE is the Grand S II LTE. In proper second-generation device fashion, the Grand S II isn't a stark departure from the original. We're looking at a very similar size and shape, but with a few new design differences. The Grand S II is focusing more on ergonomics rather than being the thinnest phone in the world, and the internal specs have been boosted as well.

You'll find a Snapdragon 800 processor on board, along with 2GB of RAM powering this 5.5-inch 1080 x 1920 display. The Grand S II has a similar 13MP camera and 3000mAh battery as before, which are fine specs to carry this device through the year.

The bigger deal with this 2014 flagship, ZTE is hoping, is the software. Based on a build of Android 4.3, ZTE is cleaning up its software design just a bit and adding additional functionality. Visually you'll see a few different changes in the settings and notification shade that are a logical evolution of ZTE's design, but there are two big changes you'll notice right away. The first is extensive voice control over the Grand S II — you'll have the ability to operate and navigate the device completely hands-free if you choose. You can unlock the device, take pictures, give commands while driving and more.

The next feature is a new system for managing two apps on the screen at the same time. Much like we've seen from other manufacturers, a long press on the menu button pops up a static software button that lets you bring up a menu and launch two apps, each taking up half of the screen. Most apps can be easily resized, and the interface for managing them seems intuitive.

ZTE naturally hasn't announced any specifics of pricing or availability, but are shooting for a global launch of the device soon.

ZTE Grand S IIZTE Grand S II

ZTE Grand S IIZTE Grand S II

ZTE Grand S IIZTE Grand S II

ZTE Grand S IIZTE Grand S II


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Hands-on with the ZTE Grand S II LTE


Not until the Grand S3 is released, which will feature a Tapwiz launcher.

Joking aside, this device looks nice.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

The specs are pretty good for this device. I have to commend ZTE for using 4.3 instead of 4.2 since it doesn't have kitkat. The only thing I was concerned was that 5.5" would be too big, but it looks okay.
Hope it's not overly expensive, not more than I expect a flagship phone to sell for

Posted via Android Central App

Looks somewhat like a Galaxy S with the logo on the back to boot! LoL.. Guess my GN3 isn't exclusive @ all with all these knock offs coming out of the woodwork.

If those are the actual icons, then the Chinese have made Chinatown ashamed. This device looks CHEAP as heck on 2nd look. Ughhh

All these oversas manufacturers use the same material and their phones look the exact same, and WE Americans pay thru the nose for this shyt. Something is not right here.

Makes me wonder if they all use the same sweatshop to produce the devices. Then slap a different makers name on them.