Verizon LG G2.

A few physical changes and tweaked software highlight Verizon's version of the LG G2

What's that, you say? You want the LG G2, but you want it with more logos and a skinnier set of buttons on the back? And maybe a couple fairly significant software changes? Sure thing. Verizon's got you covered with its version of the G2.

Things have changed a little bit on the physical side, and a little bit on the software side. We'll walk you through it all after the break.

Verizon LG G2.

Here's what's up. From the front, Verizon's G2 looks exactly like the European G2 we've been using (and AT&T's, for that matter) — save for the Verizon logo that's been wedged into the space to the right of the earpiece. Look, we're not gonna hop back on that anti-logo bandwagon right this second (you folks go to town in the comments all you want), but it really does look like it's wedged in there. If it were just a tad lower it'd be OK, maybe. Put it in line with the bottom of the earpiece. But for whatever reason, it's climbing north, and it just looks odd.

Verizon LG G2.

Anyhoo. Things change a little bit on the bottom as well. Instead of what looks like dual stereo speakers with pinhole grilles, you get a three-hole grille on one side of the USB port, and a single pinhole mic (which is disguised in other versions of the G2 with another grille) on the other. So much for symmetry. 

Verizon LG G2.

'Round back is where things really change. Verizon's gone and changed the look and feel of the volume and power buttons, but they're functionally the same. We do like the addition of the little raised lines on the power button, though. They make it easier to find. Just in case you forgot, there are Verizon and 4G LTE logos back here, as well as a more stylish LG logo.

Software-wise, Verizon's changed things up a little, too. Instead of the tabbed settings menu in the stock G2 (Samsung's doing this as well these days), you're left with a more traditional list. An odd thing to change, but whatever. There's also quite a bit of bloat between Verizon and LG customizations, but that was to be expected.

Otherwise, things are mostly as we've left them on the G2. It's got the same Knock-On feature, and the buttons on the back may look different, but they act the same. Stay tuned for plenty more from the Verizon LG G2.


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Verizon LG G2 hands-on


Heads up, you forgot the "i" in skinnier.

Also, why does Big Red always change the hardware? Seems unnecessary.

I play with my food

Im glad somebody else agrees with the changes being unpleasant, and food being a worthy source of entertainment. Im obsessive compusive about certain things, and the non-symmetrical bottom grill detracts from its clean look IMO. Im sure the phone is still sexy, but... (sigh). If Verizon wanted to design a phone, why dont they? Facebook did, and they wont ever again, and thats the point. The design teams that put these phones together know what they're doing most of the time, especially with this phone; it was elegant as it was. Changing every phone in minor, unneeded ways comes off as pretentious. Just send me my data and leave everything else alone Verizon! Please! I'm going to have night sweats about what they're doing to the Note 3... where they're sticking the stylus when nobody's looking. I can almost smell the disappointment in the air.

The wireless charging is definitely a bonus, but how much of the physical appearance really needed to change to accommodate it? Is there any way to tell?

Also, now accessories for the phone have to be sourced directly from Verizon because it is the only model that is physically different (e.g. the quick view cover). Instead of searching for LG G2 cases (which we all buy) you will now have to search for Verizon LG G2 cases, your selection will be limited, and you will be forced to pay the price VZW dictates. I hope they don't bend you guys over, but I'm suspecting that limiting your resources is the only real reason for such changes.

I don't think they are different at all. The only thing that differs is the back buttons, but in a normal case, the hole would just be a tad bigger around the keys. The actual size of the phone hasn't changed. I think I read that there was some confusion on different variant sizes, but someone on XDA measured them all and its all the same. So cases shouldn't be a problem.

While I might normally agree... Verizon's G2 looks a lot classier than the others to me. I do prefer the symmetrical speaker grilles on the other versions though.

One thing most people don't know is the Verizon LG G2 is GSM unlocked. So you can pop in any Sim from another carrier and go. I don't know if it supports their LTE bands but it will work on 3G. This was one huge factor for me because I travel in the states and sometimes go to secluded areas where there is typically one supporting carrier. So its nice to know you can pop in a cheap monthly prepaid sim to get you by.

That plus Qi Wireless Charging makes this a beast.

Phil, is the home screens and app locker continuous scroll or does it require you to slide back the other way? It's the one thing that annoys me with the galaxy series on Verizon prior to root. Thanks.

Verizon strips out features from devices at will. The Tmobile and At@t versions of Galaxy devices don't have the issue like Verizon. Continuous scroll exist on those models of Galaxies away from Verizon.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 2 via Android Central App.

That response does not even remotely answer his question. If you don't know, say so or just don't comment.

Right out of the box you have to scroll back like a galaxy.But in the settings you can select the box that lets you scroll all the way. And you won't need to put a custom home launcher because this has. Resizing of widgets and making the effect of the screen transitions whatever you want.pretty awesome. I am having a problem with it losing my home Wi-Fi signal. This is the only phone that's giving me wifi problems. .

It has continuous scroll. The whole phone is very awesome. LG seems to have took an AOKP rom and made it their own. Keyboard Nav key arrows, DoubleTap, LG Themes, etc.

The LG launcher supports icon theme packs, resizing widgets, continuous scroll, various scrolling animations, individual icon replacement, etc.

I seriously was under the impression that the G2 had stereo speakers. I'm severely let down by this. I thought this would give my One a run for it's money. Sigh...

Did you think the stereo speakers were both on the bottom? That wouldn't make a lot of sense in the long run as it would be the same as placing two stereo speakers next to each other, producing sound from one general direction with little or no seperation (also, how would landscape work?) I did think it had two speakers though, in an attempt to reproduce the HQ audio possible on the phone.

The iPhones (at least my wife's 4s) have their stereo speakers on the bottom. Not saying that justifies anything but they do put out a lot of sound. Until they are covered... Like when using the phone in landscape... Just saying. Has been done.

Posted via Android Central App

I phones do not have stereo speakers, only one side puts out sound. ( cover one side then the
other with a finger while playing music)

Yep the dual speakers on the iphone 4s is a sham, i used to own one and sound only comes out of one while playing music

Posted via Android Central App

Looking good, I wonder how the changes to the rear buttons will effect use? Harder to hit because they're skinnier? Easier to hit because of the raised point on the power button?

Thanks for the write up!

I just picked up mine at VZW during my lunch break. I havent used them much yet, but they do have a distinct feel to them. So far I haven't had an issue.

There are tabs in settings menu. You have to turn it on from the traditional list scroll menu. Side scroll too.

Thoroughly impressed by this phone. I have to say. Picked mine up this morning from VZW.

** My notification panel does not have the ongoing WIFI annoyance.

really? Mine has it when i'm actually connected to wifi, as if I need to know I'm connected. Also my 4G icon stays when I'm on wifi.

Right! (Good eye!) Still, Verizon set the default to list view, which is interesting. How many folks do you think will actually change it?

I was hoping that putting it in the tabbed mode would make all the settings I've seen in other videos show up. Did verizon remove the ability to choose the lock screen swipe animation and application shortcuts on the lock screen or did they just... move the setting for them? gsmarena video clearly shows lock screen options at 0:58, I don't have them all.

Leave it to the Red Devil to take a good thing and just clog it up.. I agree with Christian, looks like they've shut light out of the lens also.. LG.. It's really just a SINGLE SPEAKER inside? Wow.. BIG let down there.. Too many changes.. Thank Gawd for a GSM Version in it's unaltered form.

I don't remember all the "hate" when people realized that the iPhones don't have stereo speakers. They've always had one speaker and one mic at the bottom, but they're just styled to look the same. I just assummed that LG had done the same here. It definitely looks nice, but VZW fiddled with a nice thing and made it lame.

We expect more from android devices. Apple doesn't innovate anymore so no one is surprised when things don't happen

Posted via my thumb(s) and the Submit button

I think the GSM version has a single speaker as well. They just designed the mic side to look like a speaker grille for symmetry.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Hey Phil stop with the logo comment they all going to do it not just big red

Posted via my phone

No one does it to the extent that Verizon does. All carriers(not just Verizon) take perfectly good devices and load them down with crapware, lock them down tight and put ugly logo's on the outside. After actually purchasing a device through the carrier(Moto X) and seeing that there can be a carrier released device that has no bloatware and is not tattooed with carrier logo's, I will never again purchase any of these bogged down phones. Such a shame that the G2,N2(probably N3,S4 etc are great devices but once the carriers get their hands on them they are almost unusable.

yeah and I don't really think Windows phones do it anymore...I don't know why but to me you don't put a bumper sticker on the hood of a Mercedes, BMW etc..same principle. We appreciate nice design. Some people will be satisfied with anything...whatever floats your boat

Give it a rest my friend. From stripping out of features, the overall alterations of internal features down to childish branding/Logo no other carriers does what Verizon do.

Verizon is a pitiful disgrace and sad conclusion definitely.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 2 via Android Central App.

I don't know about this phone, but Verizon has disabled stuff in the past.

Sent from my wifes phone. Typos are because I hate her keyboard choices. Her bad

I actually feel dirty to say he is sorta right

Sent from my wifes phone. Typos are because I hate her keyboard choices. Her bad

The have disabled wireless charging on a few, the Note 2 is an example.

The Rezound was always a world phone but was not enabled for more than a year.

Way back in 2005 with the v710 they disabled bluetooth features to sell their own back to you

Google Wallet--they lead the charge

THey start the whole no tethering thing with the Tunderbolt. You could tether when you first got it, then they OTA'd and disabled it

Blocking mode on the Galaxy N2 and S4

They screwed with the GPS on the BB 8830 so they could sell you their own GPS service

They started the practice of not letting you get rid of bloat.

Want more? Google it, my point is proven

U know u seem somewhat knowledgeable on phones but u make outlandish statements which result in people thinking you're ignorant... Try not to use absolute statements like Samsungs is just the best and verizon absolutely sucks... Compared to Samsung is my favorite OEM and offers me the what i want and i just don't care for how Verizon operates... Failing to do so... Just shows a lack of communication skills..

Posted via Android Central App

i was looking for solving problems on the mic............. and then i found you thelm.polo verizon................ do you happen to know a bit........... if you could help me i be as happy as a lark.........

1. Just because it happened on a few phones in the past (and pretty much only Samsung phones at that), does not mean it *will* happen in future devices.
2. Samsung is as much to blame for all the branding that was on the Note 2 and S3 as Verizon. Samsung could have just said to Verizon "no branding, take it or leave it". Stupid fanboy thinking Samsung is absolutely infallible in any of this.

Why so much hate with samsung?I'm not a fan but almost all threads are resulting to people bashing samsung...can we stick with the topic?anyway, I never liked customizations from carriers...bloats suck

Posted via Android Central App

He isn't bashing Samsung; he's bashing Richard Yarrell, the troll who hails Samsung as his infallible got and restates this on any article remotely relating to Samsung.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah Samsung took the money, but it wasn't forced on them and they obviously didnt volunteer.

Your scenario:

VZW: Hey Sammy, can you do a brother a solid and put our logo on the home button.

Sammy: I don't know we have standards...

VZW here is an extra 10M and we will pick up some of the manufacturing costs

Sammy: sold

Sprint is also being very minimalistic with it's logos and bloatware, in most cases they don't put a logo at all or just in the back of the device. They were also the first carrier to allow you to uninstall most apps they put on there. AT&T and TMO are also much less invasive than Verizon.

They just everyone to know you are using their network as if anyone really cares.

Is it just me or is LG copying Touchwiz too much?
I just hope they put a good display in the Nexus 5. I've seen many Nexus 4 displays with terrible greenish yellow tints.

I picked up my G2 during my lunch break. It is wirelessly charging right now. The logo's and other things my annoy some, but the fact that big red put wireless charging in this phone is the reason I bought it.

I would imagine that some of the changes around back are due to integrated wireless charging... You know, to make room for the coil. Maybe. I'm no engineer.

I may be wrong because I have not opened a unit yet to take apart but the G2 was supposed to have an overhauled hifi sound system sort of a beats audio equivalent. Verizon apparently took it out to make room for wireless charging. This may or may not be the case now but based on aesthetics it does appear to be correct.

Its a software feature. VZW didn't remove it. So many folks just expected stereo speakers. At least with VZW there is no confusion.

Posted via Android Central App

Its a software feature. VZW didn't remove it. So many folks just expected stereo speakers. At least with VZW there is no confusion.

Posted via Android Central App

I traded in my Droid DNA for this phone. The DNA was a nice phone, and so much quicker than my GNex, but this phone seems even quicker than the DNA. I am pleased so far (had it for about 3 1/2 hours now). I can't wait to get home and figure out all the changes with the new (to me) version of Android.

And see I'd have to go back to an older version of Android if I gave up my DNA for the G2 :-P Enjoy your new phone!

I did! I was able to resist for a while but the temptation proved too great. I'm going to grab a Note 3 when they hit and try my best to not root it.

Phil. Forgot to mention that Verizon's version has a more squared off back to accommodate the QI charging capability. Cases and other accessories will need to be purchased specifically for the Verizon version.

Posted via Android Central App

Maybe having to buy your accessories from them is why they make the hw changes. I can't figure out any other reason other than change for change's sake. There is nothing to hear to make it better in any way other than possibly the lines on the power button.

So i guess no mini hdmi connection? That sucks! Are more phones manufacturers doing away with the mini hdmi option? Kinda seems that way to me.

Yeah the Droid Max doesn't have it but the RAZR HD Max did :( one of the few things I didn't like

Posted via Android Central App

The feature of auto-pausing a video or dimming the screen when you look away, work well, and are pretty useful. Those features seemed like a gimmick to me until I watched a demo video on it (the screen is amazing) and looked up to answer a question and the video automatically paused, and then resumed when I started looking at it again. That's just cool. I just haven't figured out how to get to my running app list like I had on my DNA.

I really hate the way Verizon brands all their phones. Then again, they wouldn't be able to unless the supplier agreed so it's both their faults. So fargin tacky though, damn.

Correction: Verizon has *not* changed the settings menu -- just the way it shows up out of the box. When you're in the settings menu, hit the menu button, and it will give you the option to switch to tabbed view.

I did that about three minutes after I got it home.

*EDIT*: Sorry, missed that someone above had already pointed this out. (I searched for "tabbed," but didn't think to search for "settings." D'oh!)

Someone remind me to never get a Verizon phone. Go make your own dang phone idiots. They change everything and put all their piece of crap bloat ware in the phone, and release updates as they please. Horrible carrier.

Posted by someone who is watching you...right now

They do its called Droid.. And all of them(carriers) have bloat... And all of them(carriers) update phones when they want... Lol.. # just sayin
And Verizon isn't the first to change the phones look... The sprint, T mobile, and at&t optimus g 1 are not the same... Relax it's not just Mr.Unfair Verizon
Posted via Android Central App

Every carrier puts on their own bloatware. For once some of the changes are welcomed, such as wireless charging.

Sorry if it's been mentioned, but you can have the Settings displayed in the tabbed interface or the traditional way. Nice to have the choice.

Posted via Android Central App

So ugly you had to post it twice. Actually, once I got the G2 home you hardly notice the logo on the front unless the light is hitting it just the right away.

It's reality though... Like clockwork the logo comments come before the product is even released. It's really getting old and tiresome to hear about it. Deal with it or switch carriers.

I am pretty sure that all the other major carriers will get the same phone, minus the wireless charging. So, for all of you who hate the Verizon this and Verizon that, you can chose another carrier and be done with it. After all, I am glad Verizon got the phone and is getting it out to us as soon as they are. Personally, after playing with the phone in the store, I don't mind the branding at all and I am looking forward to getting my VZW LG G2 phone on Monday.

Everybody use to say Samsung copies the iPhone and now the Samsung fans are emotionally messed that they feel the need to comment on other oem's copying them..... News flash they all copy each other so get over it. LG had the flip cover first, the dual front and back picture taking at the same time and I believe they had wireless charging all before Samsung.

Posted via Android Central App

I love this beast. The size is perfect, a lot of screen real estate but not an oversized overall footprint.

Posted via Android Central App On my LG G2

Phil if you go to setting click the menu button it brings up a option for tabbed viewing. Now it looks like the rest of the carrier's version. That back buttons still suck.

All these complaints on logo branding and it's fixed with a simple cover on the phone or slap you're own sticker over it.

1. Who cares about the stereo speaker" look." The extra grille is just a Mic cover.

2. The SIM card is NFC enabled and will allow you to pay for goods without having an nfc tag.

3. The logo is ugly but not a big deal unless you ate looking for something to gripe about.

4. Samsung copied LG on numerous software items. Do your research.

5. You don't need a miniHDMI port as it is capable of sending full HD video through a wireless accessory that you plug into the tv.

6. There is absolutely 0 lag on this device, and it clocked a 33,079 antutu benchmark score out of the box.

7. If you want a phenomenal phone this should be a top candidate for you.

Although quadrant scores don't mean anything for real time use. This phone scores a 20,000 while the Droid Maxx scores an 8,000 and the SGS4 gets a 13,000. However, navigating my home screen and menus in my Maxx is smoother than both of these devices. I attribute it to the way the new Moto processor handles the launcher but also being basically on stock android is sooo much better than both Touchwiz and whatever LG uses. Overall, the G2 is amazing. It's tasks are performed faster than my Maxx and the camera is absolutely stunning in low lit areas.

Posted via Android Central App