Samsung Transfix

Here we go with the Samsung Transfix, Cricket Communications' new 3.2-inch Android 2.3 slider. In all respects it's a fairly benign phone. Fast enough with an 800 MHz processor, a stock Gingerbread experience, and the four-row QWERTY keyboard is of the usual Samsung fare. The buttons are flat and shallow.

Really, it's the price -- $179 -- and Cricket's prepaid service that is the most attractive feature here. 

Speaking of attractive -- we've got more hands-on pics and video after the break.

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Samsung TransfixSamsung Transfix

Samsung TransfixSamsung Transfix

Samsung TransfixSamsung Transfix

There are 5 comments

bigdanorama says:

I was like, Samsung what???

srkmagnus says:

That's a great price. Good move on Cricket and Savings end for offering affordable phones and packages.

Lee_R3D says:

I was thinking about noting the number of entry-level phones with QWERTY keyboards I've seen here lately, but this phone on Cricket actually makes sense. Not sure what everyone else is thinking, though, they crazy. I'm all for choice and options and I think entry-level android phones are necessary and have a point, but I don't understand why manufacturers keep designing MORE entry-level phones.

nickmiller71 says:

Phil, could you please do a review of the Boost Mobile Transform Ultra? It looks like a great mid-range phone for Boost.

h-cubed says:

So this is basically the Intercept dressed up right??