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It's been more than six months since we brought you the first look at what's now known as the Toshiba Thrive. Back in January, at CES, it was little more than a relatively monster piece of hardware -- including a full SD card slot and USB 2.0 port. Today, it's running Honeycomb. Our man Jared DiPane got a quick and dirty look at the Thrive at the Digital Experience event tonight in New York City, which we present to you here.


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Hands-on redux with the Toshiba Thrive (now with Honeycomb)


Well, it did lack thrills - but it also did give me a little information as well. The thickness of the tablet. Right now I have the Samsung 10.1 tablet, and like it alot - but I cannot get around the proprietary 30-pin power situation. I also thought I could do without an easy way to access more memory (sd card, usb, etc.) but because I have no access to wifi at work - I need more storage space.

Anyway - I am still within my 2-weeks Best Buy gives to return tablets... so I was going to do so - and then pick up the Toshiba. It has several "plusses" that get me excited. The only downside I can see right now MAY be the thickness. It is a 50% thicker than the Samsung Tab 10.1. That worries me a little.

Anyone else concerned about the thickness of the Thrive?

I have the Motorola Xoom and just the other day I picked up the Samsung Galaxy 10.1. The Toshiba looks to be the same, if maybe a hair thicker than the Xoom. I don't think I can go back to a thick tablet after using the Galaxy 10.1, it's thin and light perfect for when I am reading eBooks on it. I found myself placing the Xoom in my lap and reading after an extended period of time.

I am not to concerned with the proprietary port, it doesn't mean it's bad and it's actually a good thing. With it a lot of "drop in" accessories will be made for it using the port.

kind of useless hands on really.

considering how much the accessories cost, you should be concerned. USB ($20), HDMI requires a dock ($35) and adapter ($30). So an extra $85 for what the Toshiba comes with out of the box.

Seriously, people are worried about the thickness? We're talking 1/3" difference.

As an owner of a Samsung phone, I would definitely trust a true computer company division more than the Samsung mobile division to make a quality tablet.

I received the Thrive last week. The thickness and slight weight gain are not bothersome when taking into account the extras and the fact that the battery can be replaced by the user.