Samsung Galaxy S

We got our first look at the Samsung Galaxy S and its gorgeous (indoors, anyway) Super AMOLED screen at CTIA in March. And Sammy was showing it off again this week at Google IO. Not much else to say other than that. Same great screen. Same OK (we'll reserve judgment until we actually get to use it at length) Touchwiz 3.0 user interface. And we still want to get that Super AMOLED screen into the sunlight to test out the claim that it has 80 percent less reflectivity than its AMOLED cousins. Anyhoo, check it out again after the break.


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Hands-on redux with the Samsung Galaxy S [#io2010]


You're right. But it's not the out side that counts, it's what's on the inside that really matters and this thing blows the iPhone out of the water.

"indoors anyway"

Isn't the whole point of Super Amoled that it's gorgeous and beautiful outside? I've seen writeups and pictures of it being vibrant and clear outside before (Samsung Wave with super amoled)

Anyway, nice hardware. Android destroyed, iClone UI, Samsung makes bad decisions, etc.

Bah! Flashes on cams! These things seem universally useless beyond 2 feet anyway.

Why not just a more low-light capable camera?

I've heard that too but I heard that it is coming to T-mobile first and then the rest later. Hopefully it doesn't follow the footsteps of the Nexus 1 where it comes to T-mobile and then ATT and then gets scratched on Verizon and Sprint because something "better" comes out a little bit after that.

I still like HTC sense better. It's closer to stock Android as far as the UI is concerned. Also, Touch Wiz looks more like how iPhone operates and I just don't like iPhone's UI.

Now that looks like the best android phone out there !!! Give me that over the Evo any day !! And put in on Verizon and its MINE

In spec-wise, this will be a great phone without any doubt.

But things like support and updates...? Well...

Samsung is known for NOT having any software team. Also, mobile team is dismissed once the phone is released, except 2~3 people who will take care of the support.

That's why they just copied iPhone UI shamelessly. They have no dedicated UI developer like hTC.

Well, I think we can still root the phone and get some better rom on it.

It will help expand the Android user base, & will appeal to lower tech crowds. I know my buddy is about to re-up his contract and is looking for a no keyboard Android (has an iPhone 3G now) that is actually snappy -- This would fit him perfectly. T-Mobile knows they have specific demographics, with a set crowd that will shy away from updates like the plague. Typically they are Windows users at the computer, and are afraid of change. You need their dollars too, to make this Android business machine keep rolling.

Me, I'm waiting for the N1 to hit T-mo stores so I can EIP one.

Actually the Samsung Galaxy S is a high end Android handset and it will be popular with many tech savvy individuals who are in the market for a Android phone. In fact a recently released full review of the Samsung Galaxy S at GSMArena claims that the Galaxy S is currently the best Android phone that they have tested/reviewed so that says a lot about the potential of this beast and it will no doubt be the best phone in T-Mobile's lineup.

Most people that are not knowledgeable about smart phones would probably not be that interested in the Samsung Galaxy S based on the specs alone. In many cases most people will just opt for a cheaper handset that has similar features for a lower price. Hopefully T-Mobile and Samsung do not screw up the launching or future support/updates.

i personally want to check out this phone...
but to be honest i dont think the screen is that good in direct sunlight.
well, time will show...

Is the screen glass or plastic?

Usually on other videos of this device, you can see that the screen is curved and flexes when you touch it.

But on this video, it appears to be perfectly flat, but I couldn't tell about flexing. Is it glass? Plastic scratches much too easily for a serious phone.

HTC should take a look at Sammy's playbook and start putting AMOLED screens on all their devices.
Waiting for my EVO!!

Just a small correction: HTC is already using AMOLED on their devices. Incredible and EVO both have it. Samsung's claim to fame is the "Super" AMOLED.

I haven't had any trouble viewing my Incredible outside. I have brightness set to automatic and the glare hasn't been an issue yet. I can only imagine that Samsung's quality is that much better.

EVO has a TFT, there are no 4.3" SuperAMOLED and they are using the same screen as the HD2 which is TFT. Its a better fit, it will be more functional and the colors won't wash out like they do on the N1.