Nexus 5 Cruzerlite Intelligent Wallet

Dual-layer, foldable protection for your Nexus 5 that stores everything your wallet can.

It's been a little over a week since I've had any kind of real protection around my Nexus 5, that is until I got my hands on this new Intelligent Wallet. These foldable cases are a new line from Cruzerlite that feature some unique color combinations and user-friendly accommodations inside that allow you carry around one less thing in your pocket. Jump past the break for the complete lowdown.

Initial Impressions

Upon dropping in my Nexus 5 into the Intelligent Wallet Case I was pleased that I didn't have to fight to get a proper fit. That's mostly thanks to the fact that the TPU Bugdroid Circuit Case is what's holding the device. These cases have always proved to be better than the run-of-the-mill skins that you find for next to nothing on eBay and even have some cool circuitry designs on the back.

The case as a whole is a little firm at first, so it took some bending to really get it to open and close properly; to be expected with similar cases right out of the box. What surprised me was how slim the Intelligent Wallet Case actually is with my Nexus 5 inside it. At a mere half an inch in width with it closed, it's completely manageable to take it in and out of my pocket.

Nexus 5 Cruzerlite Intelligent Wallet

Since the case is made of a type of synthetic leather, you don't get that 'authentic' feeling of quality, but that's not to say its unique texture isn't comfortable in the hand. The top flap has an arm that reaches around to the back of the case with a built-in magnet; ensuring the case stays shut and the phone inside secure. What I'm particularly fond of with this material is that it's not a fingerprint magnet. Using it day after day I haven't noticed a single blemish. That said, I wouldn't mow down a pizza without washing my hands and expect it to be spot-free.

The stitching around the Nexus 5 Intelligent Wallet is extremely well done and there's even an imprint of Andy on the bottom half of the front cover surrounding the Cruzerlite logo. A little hard to see depending on the lighting, but a cool accent that gives the case some extra personality.

Nexus 5 Cruzerlite Intelligent Wallet

On the inside you'll find two slots for storing anything you might keep in your wallet including credit cards, cash, business cards, ID, etc. In addition there's even a wide pocket for extra storage, which I haven't found a use for yet. The other side is where the transparent TPU Bugdroid Circuit Case is permanently attached by glue, it seems. What I find unfortunate is that the designs on the back of the TPU case are rarely seen since it's covered with the synthetic leather. I assume you could separate the two with some force, but would leave you with a fair amount of sticky residue to remove.

An added bonus of this Nexus 5 wallet case is its ability to fold into a stand, providing a convenient way to watch movies or browse the web. I've found myself utilizing this feature multiple times so far, just showing some friends YouTube videos.

Nexus 5 Cruzerlite Intelligent Wallet

Accessibility is far from sacrificed with this case on the Nexus 5. With it completely closed I'm still able to plug in my charger, auxiliary plug and take pictures without it effecting lighting or quality. The power button is accessible as well, but the volume requires you to open the case to adjust.

I've never used a wallet-style case in the past with any device, so having to fold the front cover behind the N5 when answering every call took some getting used to. Although it's an extra step, I'd say it's worth it given the extra protection you're provided compared to just a skin or hard case.


The Nexus 5 Bugdroid Circuit Intelligent Wallet has all the necessary features I look for in a case, plus some. The double layers of protection combined with convenient storage and a slim form factor make it a no-brainer. It's currently in-stock at for just $18.95 and available in several color combinations.


Reader comments

Hands on with the Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Intelligent Wallet for Nexus 5


they have some for the N7 (2013) too. just bought one last night from ShopAndroid with the Cyber Monday discount

Nice first article, welcome :-) Case is not for me, but it's a good price.

Posted via Android Central App

I assume that when you get a call, you flip open the case and fold back the cover. Any problems talking with whatever's on the inside of that cover hitting your hand? Any problems with that stuff falling out while talking? Something like this looks possible for my mother-in-law.

About the only thing worse than having your phone lost or stolen is having your wallet gone at the same time. I live in a city and the idea of walking around with my wallet next to my ear is less than appealing. Combining my most valuable virtual and physical assets into a single, easy-to-grab package, then waving that package around in midair on a subway or street seems like about the dumbest idea possible, like taping my credit cards to the outside of my jacket so they're easier to reach. But maybe that's just me.

Posted via Android Central App

No, I wholly agree with you. Wallet cases don't appeal to me. But flip cases do.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm with you, especially since I carry some backup Google Authenticator codes in my wallet in case my phone's lost/stolen and I need to log in to Google on an unfamiliar device.

I, sort of, agree with you. I use the "Delight" wallet case and usually only take one credit card and an ID with me. Most of the time, I use my Bluetooth headset, so I'm not waving my "life" around.

Posted via Android Central App

I agree 100%.. New York will always be New York. There is always that one person in the crowd looking to get over... would not use this case even if they paid me.

That's why you use a Bluetooth headset to answer the phone when you use these kinds of cases. Keep the phone/wallet in your pocket.... ;)

Those who wear hearing aids wouldn't benefit from Bluetooth unless they have Bluetooth hearing aids.

Posted via Android Central App

How is that attached to the phone? Adhesive? Frankly, the color schemes are hideous and like the OEM case lacks a cutout for the notifications LED. At home my phone spends all of it's time on a table and I am not always in the same room. Without seeing that light I would miss a lot of calls/messages.

Is it auto wake/sleep? If not what makes it 'intelligent'?

Posted via Android Central App via the shiny new Nexus 5 and a half

Is it auto wake/sleep? If not what makes it 'intelligent'?

Posted via Android Central App via the shiny new Nexus 5 and a half

Is it detachable between TPU case and th leather wallet? If not, then this case do not quite have a good design.

This kind dual layer case design need to be detachable, rotatable , and have wake/sleep magnet.

I have Nexus 7 2012 case made by iGadgitz, it is cheap and can do all those things, plus it has 3 different stand positions, the only cons is the material of faux leather not too good in quality.

Its a great case. Looks very nice. If you don't like carrying you ID and credit cards on it, it still makes a great flip case.

I never use cases, but I picked one up for those few times I want as little as possible in my pockets, like going to theme parks.

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I was wondering the same. Would hate to order this and not be able to use it with the Nexus charger that should be arriving soon...

With the official charger? No. With a RavQi charger? Yes. The latch hitting the back can be slightly problematic in placement, but if you open the case it should work.

Anyone who uses this case is demanding to be mugged! In fact only complete mugs would want to combine their wallet and phone into a single item!

Posted via Android Central App

From experience I can say another pita is trying to take a picture. It was the only thing I hated about flip cases. The Note 3 case, as far as I know, is the only one to make an allowance for that

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

So ... what DOES make it "Intelligent?"

My Poetic Folio case has a rigit, not TPU, insert to hold the phone ... snaps onto and off the phone quite securely. But the case is such a good fit, that putting credit cards or anything else bulges it beyond neatly closing. The Poetic folio, that is. Looks like this one does close properly with cards in it.

The dude could've just posted up the wrap up and called it good. Most of us have better things too do than read a long winded sales pitch (which this is) about a case.

The best case for the money right now is on eBay. It's a five dollar bumper much like the Google nexus 4 bumper. Who wants a big stupid flap in the way? Not me.

Oh and the green's ugly and I don't want my credit cards out in the open like that when I'm using my phone, I would never carry cards in phone case, and you'll always be playing with the flap, and why would I want Andy on my cover? All I want to see on my phone back is Nexus!

that android logo on the bottom of the case is a real downer... makes you look like a kook

I'd like to see a wallet case where the card slots are on the outside- easier to access and not even minimally on display when the case is opened and the phone is to my ear. Am I the only one that thinks this would be the more sensible design?