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Flip cases, replaceable rear shells, bumpers, headphones and battery packs accompany Moto's new affordable wonder

Launching alongside the new Moto G is a pretty decent stack of official accessories. During the launch event presentation, Motorola spoke of how important they feel customization is, and while we won't be seeing a Moto Maker for the Moto G, there is a bunch of different colored cases, shells and bumpers to make your new phone your own. 

Beyond customization, Motorola was also showing off new battery packs and color matched headphones, while also talking about forthcoming wireless speakers produced in partnership with JBL. 

Here in the UK, the Flip Shell will cost a respectable £18.99, while the Grip Shell aka the bumper is even more wallet friendly at £9.99. The wired earphones will run you for £34.99, and the battery packs we were told would vary in price depending on region. 

We didn't see all of the accessories in all of the colors, but we did manage to grab plenty of snapshots of what we could get our hands on, so jump on past the break for the full gallery. For more on the Moto G, be sure to check out our first hands-on, and jump into the Moto G forums where we're hosting a Q&A. 


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Hands on with the new Moto G accessories


I got excited when I saw "battery pack," thinking that you could pop off the back plate and snap a bigger external battery onto the back of the phone. The fact that you can't seems like a missed opportunity.

i really despise those flip cover cases. who wants to fumble with that crap? to each his own i guess but i think it is a poor design in real world usage.

I have one for my s4 and mostly us it for style. I just don't like the fact that Samsung charges so much for them. I want to Target and saw the s view cover case for $60!!! This one seems better priced though.

Posted via Android Central App

Here, here. If they work for the people that buy them great. I personally find them irritating as hell. I like cases, but not flip cases. Also screen protectors bug the crap out of me, never use them.

Yeah I can't stand screen protector either. I usually just carry my phones without either since I baby them. I also don't like covering up the looks of my phones.

Posted via Android Central App

I definitely stopped using screen protectors, when I got my GS3. I still refuse to use my phone, without a case, though. I've had my Nexus 5, for a week, now. It hasn't left the house yet, because I'm waiting for my case to arrive from Amazon.

Posted via Android Central App

I despise cases, flip covers, screen protectors. But for some reason, I find bumpers very appealing. IMO bumpers can make an ugly phone look good.

I've used one for my last 3 phones, "official" and off brand. Some with a card slot, some without.
I have quite a few other cases yet always seem to go back to a flip style case and my only gripe is the "flap" with taking pictures and how easily the inside gets dirty from your fingers. I've never encountered any "fumbling" in real world use and actually find them to be quite durable.
I'm currently using an Fintie leather wallet on my Note that I paid less than $10 for, it gets more use than my higher priced cases.

I really want more accessories for my moto x. I want a flip cover for my moto x.

Posted via Android Central App on my Moto X

I´ve seen on that the replaceble rear case costs 20€, and it seems legit.
It doesn´t make sense that the bumper costs less than the rear case because is actually the same plus the protector edges...