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LG Spectrum at CES 2012

Verizon announced the LG Spectrum here at CES, and we took some time to try it out. It's got a nice 4.5-inch 720p display, a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor, and it's running Android 2.3. It feels a lot like Nitro HD, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's not particularly new. The only real difference aside from running on Verizon instead of AT&T is that the Spectrum bumps up the RAM to 1 GB from 768 MB. 

Android Central @ CES

LG was heavily pushing Verizon's streaming sports service, so you could catch live games on the go. They also emphasized their particular IPS display technology, which aims to cram in more pixels than the standard pentile layout, reduce battery drain, and ultimately improve sharpness and reduce eye strain. They've also added some mild software updates to the LG Spectrum's Android experience, namely being able to to drag and drop categories of apps from the full app screen to the home screen as a folder. Besides that, you'll recognize most of the other customizations - go ahead and take a look for yourself.

  LG Spectrum

LG Spectrum at CES 2012

The LG Spectrum's IPS display.


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Hands-on with the LG Spectrum


This phone has better specs than almost any phone on the market right now, ICS will make this thing fly even more than it does now.

NEWSFLASH: ALL of the phones will get manufacturer's overlays. Google has made it clear that they will not discourage this and all OEM's with the exception of Sony Ericson (who doesn't even release most of their phones in the US) have overlays and -- wishful thinking aside -- that isn't going to change any time soon.

Nonetheless this phone will get an ICS port.

Did you watch the video? They said it will get ICS this year. Also, did you notice it already has the 3 ICS style buttons instead of the current 4 buttons?

I really don't understand why LG never seems to get any love around here.

The internet is a safe haven for anonymous and misplaced hatred and the constant venting of redirected frustrations.

Yep, I made the same observation when the Nitro was released. Clearly when these phones were in development they knew what ICS was going to be like but they didn't have access to the actual (final) code yet when they had to ship the prototype devices for carrier testing.

those NFL videos will look real good on the 2GB data plans on Verizon especially when you go over the 2GB limit, hahaha nice for new comers.

yes! Granted my last smartphone was the lowly Blackberry Pearl. It has since gone to smartphone heaven... but I'm used to that compact size. Seems all the smartphones out are iPhone-size or larger. (4.5 inch? really? so when does a phone stop being a phone and become a tablet - based on size alone?)

Funny you mention the Perl, I had one before I bought an iPhone a few years ago. I thought the iPhone was too big, but got used to it. I replaced my iPhone with a 4 inch Android, which I thought was too big... but got used to it. Honestly though, I think I'm drawing the line at a 4 inch screen, I've seen these newer 4.3+ inch phones and they're just ridiculous. I'm far more inclined to drop back to a 3.5 inch or less screen for my next phone.

Size of phones is driven by demand from the consumers. When consumers demand something different it will change. This is called "Capitalism"!! Obama voters just never get it.

gobucs214 spewed "This is called "Capitalism"!! Obama voters just never get it."

Please keep your politics to yourself, your comment had absolutely nothing to do with this discussion.

Haha. I like where you're going with this, but "Capitalism" isn't the word you were looking for. The correct word is "Economics". Also you don't have to make fun of Obama. Even the Dumbs, er, Dems don't like him anymore.

What the hell does Obama have to do with this? It's one thing to paint with an unnecessarily broad brush, and it's another to make inane, baseless assumptions, but man combining the two seems particularly asinine, doesn't it?

Talk about tiny hands! Whoever is in the photo makes this thing appear to be larger than the Galaxy Note.

How come Verizon gets the good LG phones and sprint gets crap like the optimus and other mid level phones coming soon

Verizon spent all their money to get the iPhone and now has a limited budget for others so they seem to be sticking with past successful performers like HTC and Moto.

That doesn't answer the question though, Sprint doesn't get good phones because carriers play favorites with manufacturers.

VZW = Moto, HTC, and LG
Sprint = Samsung, HTC, and Moto
AT&T = HTC, Samsung and Moto
T-Mobile = HTC, Samsung, and LG

With LG trying to establish themselves as a high-end phone manufacturer they are coming out with these LTE devices that show off their screen technology, it just so happens that VZW likes LG better than Sprint does therefore VZW offers shelf space more readily for LG.

99% of those of us who really hate LG's UI (or HTC's, or Samsung's) are probably going to root our phone and install whatever UI we actually like regardless, right?

Jeez, I was hoping this one would be for sprint. Are there any comparable sprint phones??? It's getting ridiculous checking out phones and all are for verizon.

Go look at Sprint's LTE Page, there is an LG phone that looks basically the same that is gonna be Sprint's second LTE phone.

This is my next phone. The display is the main reason. Plus the ESPN HD app looks good. Not concerned that it does not have ICS...I had the Nexus and returned it. ICS did nothing for me and is actually a step back from GB in some ways.

I think I'll give this one a shot as well. I had the Razr and the Rezound and went back to my Incredible.

Like other posters have said, the person holding this phone in the pics either has tiny hands or this phone is huge.

Yeah its not THAT huge, this chick definitely has small hands cuz ive been playing with this and its not ridiculous.