HTC One flip case

To compliment its stunning One smartphone, HTC introduced a handful of accessories this morning, including a variety of cases tailored specifically by the company for the device. HTC seems to have caught onto the fact that hardware only tells half the story for consumers, and phones with a rich accessory ecosystem are almost always more appealing to the average customer. 

HTC has played around with these cases and each has a unique draw: the kickstand case harkens back to the EVO era, while the flip case is reminiscent of one of the cornerstones of Samsung's sales strategy. There's also a three-piece case which will come in a variety of color combinations for maximum personalization.

In addition to cases, there's also a handy mobile charging system (a bite-sized box to carry in your pocket for a quick re-up) and a dock. Unfortunately, these items were behind lock and key this morning, so we cannot report on the charger's capacity or if the dock's specifications.

No word on availability or pricing of these accessories just yet, though we're willing to bet they'll be ready in time for the One's launch late next month. Hit the break for the full accessories gallery.


Reader comments

First look at the HTC One cases, charger and dock


Those cases don't look like they would protect your phone from a drop of more than 2 inches. If I get the One I'll probably go with the Seidio Active case with a kickstand that they have for most other models.

Thanks Anndrew. Glad HTC finally got the accessory idea! I was dreading leaving my EVO LTE behind b/c of the kickstand, but now I'm not!

Can you let us know if the kickstand works (vertical and both horizontal ways) like the EVO LTE kickstand does?

First of, glad to see a someone introducing accessories together with the device, not half a year later.

Second, here's the question: if i'm using any of those cases how will the phone fit into a car dock?