Coby ICS tablets

Ice Cream Sandwich isn't just for the biggest players on the field, as Coby showed me today at CES with its upcoming line of affordable tablets. There are nine models total, and none are properly named yet, so it'll be best to speak to the line instead of the individual tablets. Hit the break to see what's what.

As I said, Coby is showing off nine different tablets here at CES, all packed with Android 4.0, and all priced to sell. All pack Cortex A8 processors, with lower end models tapping out at 512 MB of RAM, and higher end models maxing out at 1 GB. The lesser of the bunch have resistive displays, while the bigger guns of course have capcitive. There are five sizes total: four models come with a 7-inch display, one with an 8-inch display, one with a 9-inch, one with a 9.7-inch, and two with a 10.1-inch screen. This wide variety of shapes and sizes results in a spattering of aspect ratios, with the 7-inchers at the low end of the resolution scale at 800x480, and the 10.1 inchers topping out at a cool 1280x800.

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What's interesting about Coby's line is that each model is a varying degree of affordable. The lowest end model is a mere $100, while the flagship 10.1-incher tops out at $300, with the rest of the models falling somewhere in between. If you're picky about your specs and don't want to go overboard price-wise, this might be something to look into. Coby is trying to offer a tablet ideally suited for your wants and needs, and while they may have gone a bit overboard, too much is always better than too little. 

I really respect what Coby is doing, even moreso after having an opportunity to get my grubby paws on the tablets. They are certainly no quad-core stunners, but for the person who wants a quality, budget-friendly device, they are certainly respectable. Build quality is sturdy and solid, and performance is none-too-shabby (I did notice some lag here and there, but hopefully Coby will iron out the kinks before the tablets launch).

A knowledgeable Coby rep walked me through the line, as you'll see below. Keep your eyes peeled for a mid-March release date, when the entire Coby line will bring Ice Cream Sandwich to your fingers on the cheap.

Coby ICS tablets Coby ICS tabletsCoby ICS tablets

Coby ICS tablets Coby ICS tablets Coby ICS tablets

Coby ICS tablets Coby ICS tabletsCoby ICS tablets

Coby ICS tablets Coby ICS tabletsCoby ICS tablets


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Hands-on with Coby's line of Ice Cream Sandwich tablets


they have some mighty big bezels.. any word on if they will access to the android market? a family member has the 7 inch model from last years line up, resistive touch screen and no android market just able to side load with amazon app store...

I am always happy to see any new vendors enter the Android market, but in my opinion Coby is the bottom of the barrel as far as quality is concerned. I have heard some rumbling as to the number of lawsuits they have to defend about their shoddy equipment.

Announce nine.
Make only six available based on CES feedback.
Only two can be found in six months due to initial sales.
None that anyone will continue using after buyers remorse.
(My predictions)

I had the same thought as Wolfgar2k, one of these looks mighty interesting to me for my kids, particularly for travel use. I mean, really, around $150 for a fully featured expandable 7" tablet?!

I own last years 7022 model (7“ capacitive ,1Ghz Cortex A8, 2.3) and its a solid tablet for the $159 price. Now it was nice 6 months ago, before the$200 Fire and Asus Tegra 3 for $250 existed. If for some reason you are leaning towards the Coby, go for it. I'd take a Coby with ICS over the Fire anytime.

Sent from my HP Touchpad awaiting ICS