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We're live at CES 2014 in Las Vegas with ASUS, where its latest all-in-one, the Transformer Book Duet TD300 has been officially unveiled. Part tablet, part laptop and running Android 4.2.2 and Windows 8.1, we're sure a few of you are more than interested in this hybrid device. 

There's no emulation on the Duet, both operating systems are running in full, and switching between the two is both simple, and quick with ASUS' "Instant Switch" technology. Hardware wise there are a few options, but the ones on the show floor are packing an Intel i7, and 4GB of RAM, with a 128GB SSD drive in the tablet, and upto 1TB hard drive storage in the keyboard dock. 

Powerful, portable and a real productivity machine, could the Transformer Book Duet TD300 be the hybrid device of our dreams? Well, we've got a quick hands on video and a few more snaps after the break to help you decide. 


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Hands on with the ASUS Transformer Book Duet TD300


Maybe this will be what my transformer prime wanted to be... A functional android tablet that cab also serve a purpose at school and work

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This is what I've been looking for. I wish it was a samsung with touchwiz and a stylus but still, very impressive machine.

It is almost what I had hoped for, but only if the MS-Windows could be replaced with a full Linux distro like Mageia or Fedora or something. It is likely possible...

Hardware-wise, it's pretty standard PC specs, so there's little reason it shouldn't be able to run Linux.

I think it's nice that runs Windows. Why? Because of the sad true that Windows is still the most popular OS for PC, so developers will prioritize it over the rest. There are too many programs that I use, that depend on Windows. I hate Windows 8 with passion and I wonder if it would be possible to install Windows 7 without losing the touchscreen capabilities.

Check out Classic Shell. It's freeware and made me stop hating Windows 8. And believe me, I had much hatred for the 8.

Speaking as a professional software developer, that simply isn't true. Whilst true that there will be developers in each camp (plus Mac and other OSs), there is a sizeable market for Linux, and plenty of Linux alternatives for Windows packages - and at a pinch, there's always KVM/VirtualBox/WINE for the odd app that needs Windows.

Terrible, terrible, terrible!

This should come with Ubuntu instead of Windows, since Ubuntu's open source like Android, and having two operating systems from two different companies is a desecosystematized no-brainer that could lead to some big problems...

I hope Google and Microsoft take action with this v.v...

It should come with a full Linux install, but not Ubuntu :) [Of course, if it did work properly with Ubuntu, then it should with any Linux distro... Ubuntu would be near the very bottom of the list of distros I would choose]

Ubuntu and Android are two different companies, with different ecosystems. It would have the same problem. Android and Chrome OS would be a better match but chrome OS is not capable of being as productive as Ubuntu or Windows. Then again what's the point of having Chrome OS when you have Android.

"having two operating systems from two different companies is a desecosystematized no-brainer that could lead to some big problems... I hope Google and Microsoft take action with this v.v..."

Ummm... first, what??!??!?!

And second... Why?

You say having 2 OSes from different companies "desecosystematized no-brainer that could lead to some big problems" but suggest Google's Android to run with Canonical's Ubuntu?

Also, what is a "desecosystematized no-brainer"?

Exactly my point. By the way @earthwormjymx3 congratulations for the longest non existent word in Android Central's history.

Bro, there is nothing wrong with the two. In fact, it is an awesome blend, and if you want Ubuntu on it, than install it! But this is what and how a dual booting system should run!

Nexus 5...enough said

Hmm, $600 for the lowest model? Looking forward to more details and pricing for the various options.

The trio that is dual booting android and windows was like around 1300, how did they slash the price? Going to try and compare specs.

I would say partly to the fact that the other system has 2 full sets of hardware, whereas this only has the one dual booting both. This has to make a diference in cost.

considering this is essentially a windows convertible emulating android; im going to agree. Chrome OS in laptop mode; Android in tablet mode. that would be very awesome and affordable.

There's no emulation on the Duet, both operating systems are running in full, and switching between the two is both simple, and quick with ASUS' "Instant Switch"

Posted via Android Central best phone available: moto x

This is not emulation. It runs Android. It runs Windows. It reboots between the two quickly.
Do you even read, bro?

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Very interesting device, and a pretty amazing buy at $600. Almost has me wondering if I jumped the gun buying the Surface Pro 2. But considering the Wacom digitizer was mandatory for me, I'm not regretting it.

And if you have a lot of key Android apps/games, I can see the dual OSs being a great feature, although for general web browsing, movies, etc. I've found Windows 8's Metro UI actually works quite good on a tablet.

I'm really glad to see manufacturer coming back down to earth with prices. Consider the first primitive Honeycomb tablets cost at least as much as this.

This is looking really good. I think something like this might be my next upgrade for my tablet/laptop

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it's a windows convertible that emulates android. they've been making these all year; impressive specs though, unfortunately, it will place it FAR out of most people's budgets.

No emulation. System dual boots either OS. That kind of system running Android could bring all kinds of possibilities!! I'd love to see an Antutu benchmark!!

It should blow every other tablet out of the water.
64-but for Android. The iSheep are silenced

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That's pretty neat. When my Win7 laptop dies on me, I'd pick something like that up.

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please make it cheaper than the ASUS Transformer Book trio, while cool it defiantly wasn't worth $1,200. I'd spend $700 on this max

These haswell chips should run circles around the A7 CPUs in the iPad. Further addition to great value.

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Android on an SSD? I am very curious to see how Asus optimizies performance on here because I'm pretty sure android hasn't ran under a Core i7

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Seeing as you can run pretty much full Chrome OS within Chrome on Windows, you essentially get three OSs. I personally am pretty stoked about this machine.

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Why remove Windows? Many programs including industry specific program only run on Windows.

Posted via Android Central App on BlackBerry Z30

GoodNESS, what is with all you NERDS who complain about Windows running as the second boot choice? "I wish it was Linux, I wish it was Ubuntu, I wish it was ChromeOS," give me a fucking BREAK! Windows is THE most popular operating system for laptops, Android is the most popular mobile device, so why the HELL would they put some NERD OS on there that just about no one uses because no one codes like you all do?! Give it a rest, people!

If there's enough requests on here to earn a "all you NERDS" and a "you all do", then clearly "just about no one uses" is wrong.