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6-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon 800 and 4K video recording all part of Acer's newest high-end offering


Acer recently announced its latest Android smartphone, the Liquid S2, with a monstrous 6-inch display. The device has made the trip to IFA 2013 in Berlin, so we took a quick look at what it's all about.

First that display. Yes, it's 6-inches and therefore it's pretty huge. But at the same time the whole device didn't feel as large in the hand as some other supersized devices. Make no mistake; you won't be one handing this thing properly unless you're a giant. But it's pretty light considering the size, and has a nice matt finish on the rear so its actually pretty good to hold.

Hardware wise the Liquid S2 ticks all the boxes. 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU, 1080p IPS display, 2GB of RAM, 13MP rear camera and a 2MP front facer. And yes, it can shoot 4K video. The most disappointing thing about the hardware is 16GB of on-board storage we're seeing on this demo model. If you're shooting 4K video that'll fill up pretty quickly, but there is at least the option to expand using a microSD card.

The Liquid S2 is running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, and a largely un-molested version at that. Acer has traditionally been pretty good at leaving the core experience as Google intended, and this is no exception. There's a bunch of Acer's own apps that come pre-installed, but aside from wallpapers and widgets the overall look and feel is pretty much untouched.  

First impressions are actually pretty good, and it's great to see that Acer has stuffed some truly top-of-the-line specs into their latest Android smartphone. Scroll a little further down for a quick hands on video and some more snaps of the Liquid S2.

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Hands on with the 6-inch Acer Liquid S2


This device would be pretty cool without the extremely unnecessary 4k video and 16gb onboard storage, usually im not one to complain about onboard storage but 16gbs??? for 4k video??? even with an SD slot it should at least have 32gb of onboard storage

Yea but even as an option 16gbs is low. Not to sure how internal storage is compared to sd cards in-terms of how its built but tech is always advancing fast and sd cards are cheap, you would figure internal memory would be cheaper too so minimum 32 gbs for a 4K recording device should be standard. Probably should take out 4K and put in 32gbs instead .

720 video records at 20 minutes for 1 gb, 1080 is just under 10 minutes for 1 gb, I can only imagine how much 4K will eat in memory. At some point some manufacturer is going to break this stupid unwritten rule of low storage in a device.

But I think its the carriers enforcing this because they have so much self appointed power, and they need to be heavily regulated more, that they can do serious damage to a manufacturer by not carrying a device, ie verizon with htc one handling. Carriers use our (citizens of the US own the airwaves) spectrum which is leased from the FCC on OUR behalf. Carriers seem to be making up the rules all for the sake of more profit, screwing customers more, offering services then changing their minds and offer less services and charge double for it. LTE is cheaper to operate and maintain yet carriers are charging more for data on it.

Until Carriers are more heavier regulated, the mobile market is going to suffer from lack of innovation and services.

when it comes to the amount of space that comes on device is now a days I definitely agree with you.I mean look at the Galaxy Note 3 not only does it have 3 gigabytes of RAM but the models are only 32 gig and 64 gig. recent rumors also suggest it is capable of 4k video although I'm not sure how necessary that is for a mobile device.

I'm getting so tired of the lack of adequate memory in most phones. WTF are the manufacturers thinking? God damn it, if you are going to cheap out, add a full SD slot. I need 128gb minimum and preferably more.

I just added another phone to my list. So I've not ever kept up with anything from Acer so would this even come to the US?

From all the quick hands on videos from phone sites sadly they didn't sound too optimistic about it hitting U.S. shores :(. Beautiful screen, near stock interface, simplistic design and up to date features all had me bummed that I can't walk into stores and get a hands on with this puppy

Richard since you're there, can you find out some answers to these questions:

Will it be possible to take the 4K video directly to the SD card?
If so, how bug-less will this behave?
And if the phone gets any software updates, will this feature disappear?
Is the flash around the lens or does it not have one?

Dude that showed it to me was more interested in running benchmark apps, so honestly I couldn't say for sure. Sadly there's a bit of a language barrier too, my German isn't so hot :/

Just ask him in English. Everyone speaks English everywhere and in all time periods. Sometimes with aliens you may just need to say a few words or let them touch you.

Source: all Hollywood movies.

I never seen it like that, so I was confused about it. I wonder if that improves/hurts picture quality.

All sounds good... but it's Acer...
My experience tells me that Acer does compromise with quality to get the cheap price tag... you get what you pay for, not more.
It's ok as long as you understand this, even when the spec match some more expensive devices, the experience will not...

And I thought the Galaxy Notes are huge. Phones are getting ridiculously bigger and bigger. What are they thinking!?

Posted from my GS III via Android Central App

They're thinking that people who want to combine phone functions with a tablet to carry one device will appreciate the large screen. Those who don't, will buy a smaller phone.

Nice 6" phone. But I never heard that Acer always update their Android OS to the latest. Quite scare me if buy I this phone and never get 4.3 or 4.4 KitKat.

The Note 3's territory has *Officially* been Invaded...
Samsung simply does not have an "Exclusive" in the Phablet Arena anymore..
And that's a GREAT thing for us Consumers..

So this is the start of 4k mobile video recording? Isn't it too much for that? I wish these manufacturers just settle to 1080p for the moment and improve on the quality of their cameras rather than outpacing each other with these features which don't have practical use at the moment.

This is actually a good looking phone, well done. If the camera is decent and this phone was smaller, I'd be on it. 4'5-4'7 inch.

Posted via Android Central App

This smartphone seems to have disappeared from further commentary by numerous sites scince late September. It is now December and no outlets in Australia are selling it to my knowledge.
There are several 4K TVs on the shelves for sale and the picture quality is mindblowing.
I definitely want this screen resolution and recording capability on my next 5" plus superphone.