As the world watched the DROID get its official treatment from Verizon, it cringed a little bit. Why? Because Verizon is a CDMA network while most of the rest of the world run GSM networks (like T-Mobile & AT&T). Meaning the Verizon DROID as we knew it, wouldn't be too useful outside of the US. Luckily, there is a GSM Version of the Motorola DROID ready to be released: It's called the Motorola Milestone and it's heading to Germany on O2 and Vodafone on November 9th.

A leaked O2 web page pointed us in the direction and an official showing on Motorola's Germany site confirmed it, the world is about to get their DROID on (albeit in a different name). It's currently listed at $595 but we all know how crazy European contracts can get, by the end of the week they'll probably pay you to take the phone.

And though we'll get the DROID first in the states, the GSM/European version one ups us by adding multitouch to its slew of features. Yep, pinch to zoom will be available on the Milestone. Start getting jealous.

Hit the jump for the video of multitouch on the Motorola Milestone aka DROID!


Multitouch is shown off around the 3 minute mark


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DROID Headed to Germany, Called Motorola Milestone & Has Multitouch


I figured pinch to zoom was coming because the hardware is multitouch capable. This makes no sense, It's launching here in th US first.

Are we not getting multi touch in the US because of patent issues or something? could this be a deal breaker for people? does this mean multi-touch cannot be used in the development of applications?

this is truly a bummer man.

I was actually thinking of dropping AT&T and heading to Verizon for the Droid. Now I am 100% staying with AT&T and waiting for the GSM version to make it's way to the states and "jailbreak" so I can use it on AT&T.

Ill take GSM over Verizon's CMDA any day!!

Do we know what bands this supports? Will it have the 3g bands to support ATT or T-Mobile? Also why the hate on CDMA? Also, its going to cost you at least 600 dollars if you get it off contract.

Android 2.0 has multi touch enabled. Which should work in any android phone that can run Android 2.0. The devices always supported it, was Android itself that had it disabled as per Apple rules.

so how does the hero and pre have multitouch? the hero runs android, is it that its not part of the android OS and HTC added it in? the mutlitouch on the pre is built into the OS isnt it, and if not, the phone manufacturer who added multitouch on top of it is the same company that made the OS so isnt that the same thing?

That doesn't make sense the eris and the Pre have the multitouch! Why the FUCK would verizon release it without the multitouch? Someone pls pls tell me why it doesn't have it? I seriously want to cry right now! Will we be able to jailbreak it to do it then? Can we buy an app to do it ? droidDOESN'T have multitouch! WTF! FAIL!

(concerning all GSM leg-humpers)....VZW's 4G LTE CDMA's slowest 'floor' is going to be ATTW's fastest 'ceiling' for data speeds in just 12-15months and it will be all up in ATTW's face....LTE(US VZW)CDMA versions will be the fastest data phones on the planet. GSM may sound cute when you say it but its old school, turn key, 90's 3rd world buildout tech compared to VZW's future LTE. What good is a sim card and 'stored contacts' when you loose your phone...Google Sync and VZW's free wireless backup assistant are THE solutions to GSM's ultimate faults. No doubt there will be world LTE Droids, give it a year-18mos you can make calls in 220 countries and run better indoor 4G coverage than big yellows 4G ever will...It ALWAYS pays to wait - check the speed test below to get an idea what VZW browsers are gonna be capable of Xmas 2010/11...i-what?

I don't understand why are you all crying about multitouch. For notebook touchpad it is a great feature, but I'm usually operating touch phone with one finger, not two. One hand is operating and holding the phone and the other is usually holding me to something. And yes I have had an iPhone for a trial and guess what, it was still the same ... one hand, one finger to operate the phone. And I also agree that it is kind of a nice to have feature, but I can live without it, this device looks to have more interesting things to like.

There's a lot of inaccurate information being posted about various different mobile networks.

GSM=old-school euro mobile phone standard
UMTS=successor to GSM, 3G, standalone network, not an upgrade to GSM
HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA=upgrades to the UMTS standard, allowing for higher data rates and lower latency

CDMA2000=competitor to UMTS, used in various countries such as the US
EV-DO=upgrades to the CDMA2000 standard, allowing for higher data rates and lower latency

LTE=successor to both UMTS and CDMA2000, not based on CDMA but on OFDMA.

In short, there's no such thing as 'CDMA LTE'. Also, when the article mentions the 'GSM DROID', it actually means the 'GSM/UMTS DROID'. When it's connected to a UMTS network it's not using the older GSM standard at all. GSM networks just exist to provide coverage where UMTS isn't yet available or for older GSM-only handsets. So AT&T runs both a GSM network and an UMTS network, Verizon Wireless runs a CDMA2000 network. Both will be moving to LTE eventually.