Razr ICS

We have seen the Ice Cream Sandwich update start trickling out, and then land for the masses for the Verizon customers, and now it appears as though Motorola has made the update available outside of the US as well. The update is beginning to land on GSM devices as well, with initial reports coming in from Asia. While we are unsure of the roll out plans for the rest of the GSM users, this is definitely good news, and we hope to see the update become available on all of your devices soon!

Are you a GSM Motorola Razr owner who has received the update notification as well? Be sure to hop into to the forums and let us know where you are and what carrier you use!

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GSM Motorola Razr begins receiving Ice Cream Sandwich update


A friend has a GSM Razr on Rogers. I'm pretty sure I'll hear from her if she gets notified (I tend to be her computer/phone tech support). Once I know for sure I'll post. On the flip side, if anyone on Rogers gets the update, PM me or comment here, so I can get her phone updated.

I downloaded the ICS OS and I can't get my text messages to open up. I've restarted my phone and everything and they still won't open. Does anyone know why?

I absolutely hate the ics update. My Razr now has so many lovely glitches in it I can't keep track. Like a box of chocolates I don't know what I'm going to get from one hour to the next. Lets get a rundown shall we: battery drainage, incoming calls ringer glitches, no working FB app ( I must go online and use mobile FB), camera shut down glitches, battery drainage, teeny tiny keyboard, busy keyboard, battery drainage, screen freezes, tons of error msgs,oh, did I mention that my phone's battery life SUCKS! I had a 100% charge that evaporated down to 30% within 15 minutes. * Today, I am transferring back to one of my spare phones: HTC Thunderbolt, DroidX, or Droid. My DroidX with system updates is looking mighty enticing right now. IHateMyDroidRazrUpdate.com :(

Save yourself the headache, you don't want it. I absolutely hate my Razr since the update. And I LOVED it so much on GB. They messed everything up.

The timetable here https://forums.motorola.com/pages/00add97d6c was updated. Unfortunately the first table was not. The second one where releases are split by region says:
Europe: ICS Upgrade rollouts begin in Q3 2012
Asia-Pacific: ICS Upgrade rollout begins in Q2 2012,
Latin America and Mexico: ICS Upgrade rollout begins in Q2 2012,

Received notification about android 4.0 the morning of 7/2/12 and N.O.T.H.I.N.G.as we post...As The World Turns

I used to love my RAZR, but I hate it now. The search function is worse, especially the "dial number" option that shows instead of the auto-correct. Even the keyboard is worse, it seams I cannot type in full word without accidentally hitting the search button. I cannot wait to get rid of this POS.

After the ICS upgrade I just received on my RAZR MAXX I am pretty close to throwing my phone into the Bay. - Hate it! I loved the Droid-X, disliked the switch (upgrade ha) to RAZR where a lot of excellent apps/tools/functions disappeared, spent weeks trying to make the RAZR half decent, and it's all down the drain again with this horrrrrid software update - too many negatives to mention - wouldn't know where to start! Maybe I'll use the RAZR MAXX as a door stop and go back to using the Droid-X? ICS is rubbish - unless it was designed to alienate long time customers in which case it works as intended.

DO NOT DO THE ICS upgrade if at all possible. Hate Hate Hate my Razr Maxx since the upgrade. Battery usage is now complarable to my 4 hr Thunderbolt. Totally unacceptable and to be locked in for 2 years??? Hate the unlock feature. The cancel and ok buttons are now reversed. Email almost impossible to read and distinguish which are open and which are not. My running apps are 5 times more than I had 2 days ago....what exactly are they doing besides slowing down my phone? Screens now freeze up where they did not previously. Apps running slow if at all. Lost several daily apps for some reason, Groupon etc. Horrid Horrid Horrid update. 1st call to verizon suggest to take it into a store to have it "flashed" or something? 2nd call to Verizon told to me uninstall FB?? really? it worked fine 2 days ago. 2nd call to Verizon also highly suggests a task killer as it works fine on her sprint phone. ?? 3rd call to Verizon informed no such thing as a flash on android phone in the stores and does not reccommend task killer. Verizon service at it's best. Loved the Razr Maxx until the upgrade now it's as worthless as a thunderbolt!

Agreed. Worst interface. Can hardly see it. I needed the black/white color contrast. It really ticks me off that I didn't get advance notice that it would change in functionality. Motorola doesn't know a thing about customer service.

Since update I keep getting message..."unfortunately calendar storage has stopped" Tried soft reset, but continues to happen. Suggestions?