The Great Wall of Android

Take a glass case. Fill it with a boatload of Android phones, tablets and MIDs. Stick it in the middle of a conference full of Android faithful. What do you get? A neon-green siren that beckoned even the most seasoned smartphone veteran. What all is in the case? Check out the video after the break. 


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The Great Wall of Android [#io2010]


Okay now that is cool. Thank you for taking the time to show them to us!!!! Might just be me, but I think the Nexus is EASILY the best looking Android device to date.

no way nexus is dead man, more problems with that phone then any other damn android phone out. it does look nice but would be better with trackpad instead of ball like the droid incredible

Agreed.......we'll keep our "dead" Nexus Ones with a 450% faster Froyo, they can keep their Incredible with 2.1 and that dreadful track pad!

Thanks for the walk through of all the phones. Not quite sure why the red Sharp device only showed the shell.

One point of constructive criticism - that music. Whew! Maybe if it were more muted in the background, but after four minutes...Whew! head was about to explode.

again with people saying the nexus is dead........kinda funny that this supposed dead phone's the first one that will get the faster froyo update probably months before anything else gets it

the "dead" nexus one will be in tmobile stores soon to sell to the public. We will see how "dead" it is then :)

Yea, knowing the nexus will probably always be first on the list for the next update (until the hardware is out of date, and i cant wait to see what phones look like then :) ) will always sell the phone.

if you have a phone with the same hardware (incredible is almost identical), yet mine is 450% faster.. whos phone is better? LOL

funny the incredible vs nexus one fanboi argument.. yes yes you N1 owners will get froyo first, and whenever the incredible gets rooted, it'll get froyo too, keep that in mind ;)

Can't leave the network out of it either.. Verizon>T-Mo.. it is what it is.. Id rather have a N1 but I'm not switching to T-Mo just for it :)

I have AT&T. I wouldn't get the Nexus One if it was just for T-Mobile either. That's why I waited til it was available with AT&T 3G to buy one.

All these beautiful phones! And I am stuck with my Cliq with a lacking motoblur overlay..I would love the Nexus..personally.

AND! I saw a large red tablet! EXCITEMENT out the WAZOOOOO!!!

This was a post showing the cool Android wall, not about who will get updates and when. The days of frequent, full, and feature-rich OTA updates are coming to an end anyway. Their both cool phones-- no need to fight amongst yourselves. They are both Android devices, so instead of a device waving contest, unite under the Android flag. Go take it out on Apple...

I would take the shittiest Android phone over the best iPhone any day. But I would take the worst iPhone over anything else...except an Android phone. iPhone sucks, but only relative to Android.

My thoughts exactly! Those are so cool, especially the way they arranged them in the display. Maybe when Google stops selling the Nexus One online they could turn the page into a webshop for android novelty items. I bet there'd be people lining up to buy some green robot merchandise!

Too late. They came out a while ago and have been sold out pretty much since day one. Oh, and they are a limited run. I have 11 of the 12 that were made. Still searching for the elusive 12th one.

You can find a few of the DYZ Android figurines on eBay (very few of the plain green ones) BUT it seems HTC was giving away Android promo keychains at the I/O and a few of them have ended up on eBay at about $20. He has them titled a bunch of different ways so I can't give a particular search (Google HTC Mini Collectible, Google Android Mini Robot Toy, Rare FROYO Promo Toy, Google I/O Mini Robot, etc). Seller is colormodz. Grab 'em while they're hot, guys.

I love that song, and I was wondering the same thing the other day, and I found a few paragraphs giving some info about the song:

"Paranoid Android was a complicated affair, not least because of the three disparate yet cohesive sections. It had been inspired by a bad experience Thom had one night in a Los Angeles bar. He had gone there for a quiet drink, but found himself surrounded by parasitic groupie types and pretentious California posers. Unbeknown to him, virtually everyone in the room, except himself, was on cocaine.

Ever Brite Smile

For real why is teh Samsung Moment not there?! its a great device.. and shut up biatches SPrint EVO blows your n1's and incrediables away

@Jo - until you actually HAVE a EVO, YOU can STFU, because I'm using my Incredible right now. And BTW, a front facing camera and slightly larger screen are the only real differences. Whoopee!