Grand Theft Auto III

If you've been avoiding picking up Grand Theft Auto III due to the cost of the game, now might be a good time to head on over to the Google Play Store and pick it up. Rockstar has lowered the price of Grand Theft Auto III to only $.99 in celebration of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Come Monday though the sale will be done with and it will return to the regular pricing of $4.99. If you're looking for the link, you'll find it below. Just be sure you have some space available as the download of additional content can reach up to 1GB.

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fastamx79 says:

Nice to see it is still incompatible with the EVO 3D (even though my phone runs it just fine, even with the modded file to add the lights/glare/etc...)

Guess they don't want my money :/

zeroefx says:

Damn EVO 3D... I wonder if this will work on my girlfriend's Galaxy S 2 if I just sign her into my account until I get the new EVO.

cordell says:

sry but evo 3d is pure #fail

carraser891 says:

too bad my perfectly capable Epic 4G isn't compatible. Android fragmentation at its finest...

It's a 2 year old phone running on a Hummingbird processor... this is not fragmentation, this is evolution.

"Perfectly capable" for phone/data doesn't guarantee that your phone will always be able to always run every program that comes along.

I can't play 'Skryim' on a Commodore 64... that doesn't mean it is 'fragmented'.

Malixous says:

Yea, You could probably play Skyrim on the C-64 but definetly not Skryim. Sorry, I know, stupid/lame typo Joke. Couldn't help myself. All in all, that's why it's best to have more than one Android Device. I got the 3D but my games run on my GTab 7. I prefer the 7 inch as I can just throw it in my pocket. :)

lol, oops... one of these days my fingers and my brain will sync-up.

I'm pissed.Just bought this 2 days ago at 4.99!

zires says:

You can always ask for refund and rebuy. It has worked for me in the past.

jean15paul says:

Another -1 for the Evo 3D incompatability

dave04045 says:

Great game, I play it on my GNex and GT 10.1. Love how you can transfer the save game files between devices so I don't have to play two different stories.

Mepaphoros says:

Wow, better than I thought it would be. That large screen on the Note sure comes in handy! :P

schrep007 says:

I plays on my EVO 4g but it's performance was very disappointing. I had to take it off my phone. It seemed to have slowed my phone down even though it was on my SD card. Glad I did not play more then .99$

Gearu says:

Maybe they will dish out some updates for everyone.

I have 1.2 of this backed up and it works fine for SII, I'd love to share it, but because it's a paid app I can't.
1.3 is busted and gives random crashes... 'UPDATES'!!! :)

kdm_2809 says:

wow amazing how many commenters have that sucky phone evo 3d. Then again, sprint hasn't really put out many flagship phones other than galaxy s II epic.

cant find it on my gorgeous htc vivid D: oh well. got plenty of other sweet ass games :)