Grab an Asus Transformer Pad TF300 for $239 on eBay

The Asus Transformer Pad TF300 is currently available from eBay for $239.99. This is $160 off the normal price of $399.99. This is also $60 off of the same configuration of the device on Amazon.

The TF300 was originally released in 2012. In addition to the detachable keyboard, the device has a 10.1-inch display, 1GB of memory, and the model eBay is selling comes with 32GB of internal storage. If you're looking for an Android tablet with a detachable keyboard, act now, because this deal is for today only.

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Grab an Asus Transformer Pad TF300 for $239 on eBay


Have had, tf100t, tf700t, and the tf701t, and it will be the last Asus tab I buy.. I tried to be a faithful customer, but all I got was slow underperforming tabs. No offense Asus. Just picked up the shield tablet for the same $299 I don't think I made the wrong decision.
Well u do get an amazing display with 149 ppi so maybe it is worth 3 bills. Na....

Not a good deal, these tablets are dogs after a while, my guess is it has to do with the poor storage performance. No amount of trim support ever gets the UI to run smoothly. Resets, roms, rooting, nothing works. It was a good tablet back in 2012, today you have far better options.

I have one and love it, but this is not the best price in the world. E tablet does great playing games, but the Tegra 3 from this round of devices has IO issues that make browsing and general ui smoothness not great at times.

But if you need a tablet with a keyboard, it's still a decent choise.

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I've seen the tf700 go for cheaper than this on eBay.

After the debacle of the tf200 prime, which I had to rma because it couldn't get a signal further than five feet from the Wi-Fi, which had bezel issues, which was hands down the worst tablet ever made, I will never go near Asus products again. Spend a few bucks more and get a samsung or shield ;)

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Okay, yeah the keyboard and full USB has saved me a few times so Props to that and the build quality has been outstanding with Asus products.

This is a horrible deal. The i/o problems on this device were endless. I was happy to get rid of mine.

There's any number of Samsung devices that AC and the other boards make fun of that would perform better for a similar price.

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Atrocious deal. Even for a 32GB version that includes the keyboard dock, it is EOL, has too little RAM, uses a proprietary charging/sync connector, doesnt have a 1080P sceeen and lags like he11. I would take the much, much newer TF103 instead for just a little more $.

This was initially a decent tablet, but got progressively slushier. Ultimately traded it in to Amazon. The keyboard dock drained the battery unusually fast.

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Dont even think about picking this tablet up if you're not going to root it. The Asus OS may look stock but performance and support are ABYSMAL to put it lightly. Sadly i speak from experience.

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