Acer Iconia

I'm a sucker for daily deals sites, and had to pass this one along.  A 32GB Acer Iconia A500 (one of our top picks of last year) for just under $300 bucks is nothing to sneeze at.  We know the next generations of tablets and quad-core is coming soon, but the A500 is still a hell of a tablet and this is a hell of a price.  If you're in the market for a new tablet, or just want to window-shop, head over to Woot and have a look-see.

Source: Woot!

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kandiman1224 says:

Bestbuy had the 8gb one for $230

Sorghaghtani says:

Note the "refurbished" disclaimer. Doesn't make it a bad deal or a bad tablet, just noting the fact.

l00natic71 says:

Well, electronics with non-moving parts, work or they don't. Keep it on for the 90 days and see how it works out. I bought a refurb 16GB one 4 months ago, and it is still going.

Gekko says:

yeah it's ok as long as you don't mind that the previous owner sat on the toilet with it every morning as he did his business.

l00natic71 says:

Valid point. However, are you sure that the person that assembled your brand new device didn't?

yungtris says:

i bought a 16GB refurb. works great. im just waiting for ICS now. that deal for a 32GB is amazing IMO..

crxssi says:

The word "refurbished" or "used" should appear in the title or at least the body of the article.

WindRunner says:

It's directly underneath the price, one of the first things on the page (if you read it in order). Also one of the first specs listed at the end. Just like Woot always works.

l00natic71 says:

You would notice it, if you read the source.

Gekko says:

i'd much rather buy and use a new $229 Win7 10.1" Netbook. i'm not sold on tablets. yet.

mclifford82 says:

How are you ever going to be sold on it if you won't give it a chance? Not being argumentative, it just seems you have to do one before the other can occur.

johncihak says:

I have one. Its not worth it.

mitchellvii says:

The FUTURE of tablets is:

1) Light
2) Thin
3) Small form factor (5 to 7 inches so that men can carry them in their suit pocket - we don't have purses).
4) Fast
5) Telephony Capable
6) Onboard Stylus

The only logical choice will be the Samsung Note (and those like it). That is the wave of the future. Bricks like the one being advertised here will be laughed at a year from now.

icebike says:

3, 5, and 6 don't matter to most people today and will matter less as time goes on.

People simply will not carry around a 7 inch tab, purse or no purse. Once you figure out its too big for your pocket it goes in the backpack or brief, and then any reason for 7 inch is gone. Students will carry something bigger and won't be using it for phone calls.

The Note is a niche device.

John51 says:

@Mitchellvii sounds a lot like PDA? The tab is to bridge the gap between the laptop and phone IMO. With phones having a screen size of 4 - 5 inches the nitch for the tab is 7 - 10 inches. Thin yes but there may be a need for USB connectivity and SD cards, which limits how thin.

BigKenW says:

I've had the 16GB version for about 6 months and it works great (new out of the box from Target). The quality is decent and it has a full size USB port. Thing works great and is all I use when I travel. Leave the laptop at home now. Given my experience with this I would definitely buy an Acer tablet in the future.

If you got the cash, you can't go wrong. Oh and ICS is supposed to be out soon for this.

That said, be careful buying a refurb on Woot. I bought my wife a 32GB Xoom there and it came with the previous owner's accounts, apps, and media. On top of that it had a dead line of pixels straight down the center of the tablet. That said, I did a factory reset, sent it to Motorola, and had it back in 5 days like new. Works great and now runs ICS. According to the Woot forums, this happened to a lot of people. Wife was pissed at first, now uses it all the time.

l00natic71 says:

What you got does not sound like a refurb. Looks like someone down the line messed up the process.

icebike says:

I predicted the price drop, not only on refurbs but also remaining stock of new tabs as the 510 and 700 it the streets. These things are going to go for cheap.

Its a great opportunity, because ICS will probably be available for this before significant quantities of either of the new models hit the streets.

Warning: With honeycomb, the mic sucks. Other than that, I love everything about this tablet, and would rather have the 32gig version than the 16 plus microsd added.