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If you grabbed an Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7, or have one on it's way, keep an eye on the lockscreen offers for a chance to get $5 free credit at the Amazon mp3 store. I ran across this one last night while playing a movie or two, and just had to share the news.

I'm catching some flack for saying I think the offers (read -- ads) on the lockscreen are a good thing in this case, but this is why I'm saying it. I'm an Amazon junkie, buying everything I can through Amazon Prime. I want to see ways I can save a few bucks, and having those "pesky" ads on the lockscreen keeps me from having to dig through to find deals and sales. I almost wish Google would do it for Google Play content. Yeah, I just said that.

Anyhoo, in case you're wondering, I spent my fiver on Eat a Peach by the Allman Brothers Band. It's one of a hundred full albums that are on sale for five bucks at Amazon this week. I had the Fire download them to it's storage, and am in the process of uploading it all to Google Play Music for the best of both worlds. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to relive the sweet sounds of my youth and enjoy my free tunes. 

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Got a new Kindle Fire HD 7? Keep an eye on the offers for $5 worth of free music


The Kindle is very limited and doesn't have all of Google's awesome services including the play store (stupid name), so you'll have to hack it to get the play store and all your apps from the play store, however buying an Android tablet gives you access to both Google's and Amazon's, services. this is a no brainer

the right question would be whats in Fire that you cant do in nexus 7? and what Nexus 7 can do that fire cant do.

The only thing you will miss in Nexus is Book lending

The only thing you can't get on the Nexus 7 from Amazon Prime is book lending. Instant videos will work by sideloading flash and using a flash enabled browser.

The Fire does have xray capabilities for videos and books for people that are interested in that.

still pass.. I go out of my way to block all and every sort of advertising on my phone. 5 bucks is not gonna change my mind at all..

I got a ton of free books and music from these ads on my Kindle Touch.

I honestly think the bellyaching about the ads is more to do with the jealousy of a certain segment of fans not wanting any other tablet to get the spotlight over their precious Nexus 7. You won't lose any inches down there if Amazon outsells your favorite toy, kids.

Yes I saw that too on my gizmotakeout rental. People who have never tried out the Kindle HD should atleast give it a chance. It is actually pretty good.

I know you can download songs you buy at Amazon, but I didn't know you could upload them to GoogleMusic. Can someone please confirm this? It's the only thing keeping me in Amazon's pocket since the fools changed the unlimited storage I was supposed to get and now want to charge me. I thought I wouldn't be able to upload songs I bought from Amazon to GoogleMusic due to BS DRM crap...

Wow, thanks Jerry. I bought The Allman Brothers on your recommendation. Can't believe I haven't listened to them before.