gorilla glass

It's OK to shudder when you look at this picture of someone taking a wood screw to the Gorilla Glass screen of a Galaxy S smartphone.  I did, too.  When we reported that Samsung is using Gorilla Glass in their Galaxy S phones, a couple people wanted to see a demo -- you know, a key scratching against the glass or something of that sort.  Enter those lovely, crazy Koreans.  They certainly know how to do up video with style, and this one is no exception.  Brace yourself for a smartphone snuff film after the break. [ShoppingDaNaWa via howetechnical]


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dragonol2 says:

This is pretty freakin amazing... the only thing that left noticeable scratches was taking a blade to the phone... that's some pretty hardcore stuff!

Still counting the days till my EPIC

Gekko says:

seems odd that the screw did nothing yet the blade cut it hard.

jjvw says:

the wood screw is made of softer steel than the blade. A harder drywall screw might do some damage.

How does Gorilla Glass stand up to sand or dirt being rubbed on its surface? That is closer to a real life situation of grit in a pocket.

HAAS599 says:

Great video by the Koreans, but whats up with the pixelated Steve Jobs bobble head?

avt123 says:

I wish I knew what was being said the whole time. lol. Were they making fun of Steve Jobs?

moosc says:

Lol even the Koreans mock Steve jobs. Love it

andro1d says:

Good response time on the post! Koreans making fun of Steve Jobs? Makes me want an iPhone...

slcbtf says:

At 3:12 you can see a quick flash of a horizontal scratch.. it didn't look like those came from the knife.. I wonder what caused those?

Gekko says:

pre-video korean hooker's fingernail?

s2h2golf says:

I saw that too the first time I saw the video - went back and looked at it again and it looks as fine as the blade marks and in the same general location, so I would say they went vertical and then horizontal with the blade.

rahlquist says:

My captivate ate the garage floor face first this weekend from 3 feet up, not a scratch crack or other issue, I do have a Zagg screen protector tho.

I would love to see how this stands up against sand or something. I can remember on my old HTC Touch, this one time when I went to the beach and played around in the sand, I got sand in my pocket (unbeknownst to me) and put my phone in it. I never saw so many sratches on it (Now I am sure it was plastic and not glass - but sand does a number on glass...).

icebike says:

No this glass.

joebob2000 says:

I could care less about the glass hardness, after all I almost always avoid carrying my phone around inside a toolbox loaded with screws, knives, sandpaper, etc. What I want to know is: will it leak dust under the screen like my last Samsung phone???

likwidsoul says:

Man that thing got destroyed.

aaronbwells says:

He puts the phone in the bag and goes "...Ja." Made my day. baha All in all, that's really impressive. You know if you'd dropped an iPhone 3g(s)from even the first height it would've cracked the screen.


just to clarify. Does anyone know if the Epic has gorilla glass. I would guess so being as it's a galaxy s phone but I just wanna know for sure before I buy one!

That was painful to watch. I had to watch with my eyes half open (or half closed for that matter).

chief113 says:

Does this mean I don't need to use a screen protector on my X?

writerman says:

The moment this video began to play, my Captivate went into the fetal position, wet itself and began whimpering.

Now I see where Jerry gets his avatar and have to say, it them commercials were amazing for that no hold grudge Android monster :O

Jak Crow says:

I call bullshit. I already have a small scratch on my Vibrant, and while I don't use a screen protector, I am very careful with my phone. I have no idea where the scratch came from, but I definitely didn't take a screw or knife to the screen.