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Mobile users can now see strikethrough text formatting as well

Google has been knocking out some serious updates to both its mobile and web interfaces over the last few weeks, and today's Google+ update cleans up some odds-and-ends. Users now have better options for selecting and editing cover photos, which falls in line with the move on the web to big (well actually, huge) cover photos. You get a better preview of the photo you're choosing, as well as granular control over what part of the photo is displayed. Interestingly, this update also includes support for strikethrough text formatting, which is something you'll be used to from the web as well.

And what would an update be without a nice grouping of "bug fixes and performance improvements"? Those are here too, of course. You can grab a download or update to the Google+ app from the Play Store link at the top of this post.


Reader comments

Google+ update adds better cover photo editing, fixes bugs


I wish Instant Upload would stop notifying me that I have 40+ new photos to review when it only uploaded 1 or 2 new ones. I just want to use Instant Upload as a backup of my pictures, I don't want to make all of them public..

I cannot even open the dang app without it telling me to check my data connection, both latest updates, same issue. Even goes completely invisible or transparent when I reopen. Useless pile.