Chromebook 11

11.6-inch Exynos-powered laptop for $279

Google has today taken the wraps off the latest addition to its Chromebook line-up today, the HP Chromebook 11. The 11.6-inch laptop packs a Samsung Exynos CPU and a 1366x768-resolution, 300-nit display. There's 2GB of RAM onboard, in addition to 16GB of internal flash storage. That's all contained in a plastic-coated but magnesium-framed chassis.

As it's a Chrome OS device, you'll be expected to keep most of your stuff on Google Drive, and the Chromebook 11 comes with both 100GB of free Drive storage for two years and a 60 day free trial to Google Play Music All Access. Weighing in at 1.04kg, the notebook is relatively light, but the reported "up to 6 hours" of battery life might give buyers pause. That said, the ability to charge it via microUSB, like a smartphone, is a plus.

In any case, you can pick up the Chromebook 11 from Google, Amazon or Best Buy in the U.S., and in the UK it's available for £229 from PC World.

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Google unveils HP Chromebook 11


What laptop has more than 8 hours of battery life?

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Sorry HP. I still haven't forgiven you for screwing over webOS. I'll pass on this pathetic netbook. 6 hours of battery life and only 16GB storage? Give me a break.

If you think 16GB of storage is a problem, then you don't understand the purpose of a Chromebook.

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That is my exact thought for everything HP makes.

The only thing I look forward to with new HP products is the hope that Derek will write a hilarious, bitter and eviscerating review.

Not in our hearts... OK, Ok, I can't say that with a straight face XD

But, it was a damn good operating system; and if given the chance, it would likely have a solid user base, app store, and developer following.

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Sorry but the whole xgb free for two years SUCKS. Talk about a creepy lock in. . . . .

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Why did this only get 6 hours of battery life, when the similarly-specced Samsung model gets over 10 hours?

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I don't understand why this exists. It's virtually the same specs as the current $250 Samsung Series 3 model which is $30 less and gets (from my experience) 1.5-2 hours more battery life.

Exynos is out. Haswell is the future of Chromebook IMO.

SOaB, I just ordered the Samsung series 3, Lol, freaking figures right.

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If I was going to get a chromebook (which I wouldn't because Chrome OS is far too limited) I would at least get a haswell model. Then I can install linux with ease and the drivers will actually work.

This. I loved my Acer Chromebook, but, it was a b!+(# putting Chrubuntu on there.

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Would like to see 8 hours battery life; otherwise, looks like a sweet little device. However - it doesn't seem dramatically superior to the Samsung and Acer Chromebooks that are already out there. What stand-out features does it have?

By the way - regarding internal storage - that can be addressed with a 64GB thumb drive for about $35.

Agreed. I don't see anything to make this better than the Acer or Samsung Chromebooks. Heck, might as well wait a little longer and get the $300 14" HP Chromebook.

I don't like the look of this Chromebook, personally. I think the Samsung and the previous HP versions are more eye-catching.

And it seems like Google is moving toward a more colorful look overall, which I'm not a fan of. For example, the leaked images of KitKat have a child-like feel to them. Maybe these new, upcoming products will look better in-person, though.

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Yeah, why would Google even bother? Most, if not all, Android devices come with Chrome pre-installed, anyway.

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•Exynos 5250

I found the sARMsung to be too slow with the recent updates to g+ and google maps. Without the speedbump of a new proc i wouldn't go for this either.

It looks really nice though.

I do not get the purpose of these things, why not just buy a lap top for a couple hundred more. Somebody enlighten me.

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Well in this case "a couple hundred more" is going to be twice the price. Price is definitely a factor on these and especially if its a secondary machine, why pay more if you don't have to?

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Indeed. It's not for me but similar priced full laptops are heavy, bulky, poorly made, and have absolutely atrocious battery life.

The fact that smart phones have taken off the way they have proves that you can do a lot with the cloud and minimal storage.

The only issue really is staying connected. It's more of an urbanite thing and doesn't sit kosher for us rural folks.

We're in big city, but still chromebooks won't work for us either.

I bought my wife a nice Asus laptop (with windows 7) for her work. I figured that was the way to go because everything where she works is done with Microsoft stuff (our home is otherwise entirely linux). As it turns out, she still does everything at home in linux (via remote desktop to an old PC running upstairs as the server). And both of would love to get rid of that Asus laptop for a nice light chromebook (it's not the hardware of her laptop that we actually dislike).

We'd want install a full linux distro with a whole bunch of large apps to make it really functional for her though. And so the storage needs to be quite a bit bigger than what is included with the chromebooks (plus lots of documents, photos, etc). So the warranty would be voided the day we bought it in order for me to tear it apart to give one more storage (plus the additional cost of doing so).

And don't ask why we don't just put linux on her current laptop... that's a touchy subject for me. I made a mistake there. But still, FU Asus! FU so painfully hard.

When shopping for a Chromebook at Office Depot I found a Toshiba 15 inch Win 8 machine for $245. Help me understand why I should have went Crome.

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That Toshiba probably has a 2.5 hour battery and runs hot if it's anything like my bottom barrel Acer.

Indeed, my Windows 8 Toshiba Satellite has absolutely atrocious battery life, to the point that I keep it plugged in, whenever I use it.

As a home-theater PC, it works great; as a laptop, forget it.

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Yeah my portable computer isn't very good for people who actually like to port. Sure, it'll get 6 hours of battery...with the lid closed.

Now, this Vizio I have does rather well for what it is. It'll go about 4-5 hours but it has a 15" 1920x1080 IPS display, 2.3GHz Quad I7, 8GB RAM, and two SSDs (one mSATA and one full size SATA). The battery is bigger though and not removable. It runs cool.

The Acer, on the other hand, has a 15" 1366x768 crappy quality display (and not just for pixel count), 3.0GHz dual core AMD, 4GB RAM, and traditional 5400RPM platter. It gets hot as a dickens.

The upside to the Acer is it was cheap and makes a great beater laptop. Not even a druggy is going to eye it up and go " next hit if I can find a pawn shop!" I had to buy two spare batteries for it though to get through a is regular OEM and the other is a high(er) capacity generic.

Wow, that Vizio sounds like a great machine! I didn't know they made laptops.

Yeah, my Acer Chromebook was the reason I stopped sitting laptops on my lap, lol.

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I had to adjust to the keyboard but it's definitely a great laptop.

Downsides are the non-removable battery and lack of optical drive but opticals are basically dead anyway. Plus there's always the option of a cheap external these days.

Other than that it was worth every penny. The screen is so good there's a 24” Dell Ultrasharp sitting unused in the corner...that I bought specifically to compensate for the Acer's crappy display.

I was going to say something about that. This seems like the only good thing I like about this laptop is you can use your phone charger to charge it. Makes it easy to carry just one charger for everything.

Yeah, when I had my Acer, I was so paranoid about losing the charger. That was largely in part, due to the lack of any available replacement. Micro USB sure does alleviate that concern.

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I have the Samsung chrome book and love it, I do like the USB charging port less cables to carry around

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I love Chromebooks and I've been using a Samsung 5 550 for over 15 months PC. I will only consider upgrading to the hp's 14" with 9 hrs + battery life due out this holiday season.

The same 18 month old CPU as in the one year old Samsung Chrome book?

Are you kidding me?

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Crummy specs compared to similarly priced Chromebooks and low end laptops.

Now those A4 5000 or i3 3317U laptops with 6cell battery lasts almost all day.

Not a fan of ARM based laptops, but just wondering if Windows RT or ARM based Linux can be installed.

I have really enjoyed my Samsung Chromebook. I use it to take all my notes in class. I've been using Google Docs instead of MS Office for years anyway. The amazing battery life is what I like best: use it for 7 hours, recharge for about an hour and continue. I agree with all the posts wanting a Haswell Chromebook. Much more power w/out giving up any battery life(maybe even more) or added weight would be great, even costing slightly more. If I could get a Windows laptop for the same price and same battery life then Chromebooks would be a lot less appealing.

The processor is definitely underpowered, and I haven't found a good way to play downloaded music and podcasts. I haven't found a way to do any programming on it, so for that I still use my work laptop or my desktop(both Windows).

Too bad it's another Chromebook.. you can't do anything except the bare basics.. which a cheap tablet can already alongside many other things, with more portability!

glossy white plastic... is premium? o_O what the actual fuck. white plastic is cheap. glossy plastic feels cheap. put them together and you have what screams bottom of the barrel budget machine.

non-white glossy plastic is acceptable. matte white plastic is alright. non-white matte plastic is desired - yes, i actually like plastic, though i'm harsh on OEMs that use it. but i'm seriously questioning google/HP's ability to design hardware right now.