Remember those leaked screenshots of a mobile redesign for Gmail? Next up its the turn of the regular web version which according to has its own redesign currently in testing. And if you look at the two side-by-side there's a bunch of similarities.

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of the slide-in menu on the left-hand side of the inbox, taking the place of the current tabbed layout. Hangouts gets a collapsible home on the other side of the screen. Replacing the current starring system the leak shows off the previously seen Pin system, there to help you highlight important emails you don't want to lose track of.

All-in-all it looks pretty good, but there's no telling when or at this point if this will ever actually become reality. To see it in more detail, head on over to the source link below.

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Google testing big redesign, new features for web-based Gmail


Want a flexible Email Snooze system or I may not be using gmail much longer (much as I generally like it).

Well we haven't had any changes for two weeks so why not?

You know sometimes it doesnt hurt to leave stuff as it is for a while. We are not all hipsters that change apps on a whim.

I think Google is trying to bring all their apps and the Android ecosystem as a whole under the same UX. Similar to how Apple does things. It'll definitely makes it easier to navigate across apps Google offers.

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I agree, they're just doing it in a terrible way. They've been heading that direction for years, they just have no set vision for what they want to do, it keeps changing halfway through the process and then they start all over trying something else, all while leaving less popular areas and services many versions of design behind and sacrificing usability of the popular ones to move forwards with their design expiriements. I love Google and how a lot of what they do is essentially An open beta for everyone to try out really cool new technology ideas, but I don't like it if they break things I use during that process and never add them back in.

Yeah, if it's like some of their other offerings, they'll work hard to 'beautify' it while leaving some of the old functionality on the cutting room floor, pissing a lot of people off in the process.


The thing is...when judging Google and their approach to the company's 'vision' you have to apply the "in spite of" or "due to" scenario. Are they hugely successful and dominant "in spite of" their approach to "vision" or "due to" their approach to "vision"?

First off, no company would be 100% on one side versus the other. It is about majority...and I would say Google is successful in large part "due to" their approach to their vision. There will be hits and misses and we know they have missed in the past with different approaches. But for the most part, they have a "vision" that is dynamic in nature. It has to be. We do not know how many disruptive technologies await and the successful companies that want to stay dominant in their respective fields, will adjust accordingly. And those that do not (e.g. Microsoft) will see a painful decline and loss of dominance.

Well, that's what Duarte said to Josh on the interview from a couple of weeks ago, same experience no matter the device.

Perfect. Plus I really think they should utilise computer screens by having three tabs, the menu, the list and the mail itself. Like Gmail Offline for Chrome or Evernote.

How long has it been since we've had a major design change to the web app, though? It's been pretty static with minor changes at most for quite a while.

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I don't use Gmail much (my main account is a domain with but I hope they remove the custom scroll behavior in the web interface. I don't like how it is much slower than than the default scroll you get on 99% of websites.

The design looks good. They could add Hangouts to the right side to avoid scroll bars on the left and they could make it disappear completely with only an icon somewhere showing if you have a message, similar to what Microsoft does with Skype on their web interface.

The default Android email app could use this design as well.

I just saw all the screenshots on the source link and there is indeed a Hangouts icon on the right side that brings down conversations. Looks good.

There are stuff in Google Labs that can move chat etc to the other side

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Why use an Apple safari screenshot for this article?

Wouldn't it be better to use Google Chrome Browser on a Chrome OS pixel laptop?

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Ummm.... This is awkward. That very clearly is Chrome, and even says so on the top bar in the screenshot.

Haha was just about to post the same thing.. The picture most definitely shows them using Chrome
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Why? People who have Macs aren't allowed to use Chrome. Hate to break it to you, but Google services work very well on all Apple products.

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Actually, Chrome has lots of problems on OS X. It runs fine from a usability standpoint, but there are serious issues with battery use, memory use, and extraneous running processes. I still prefer it to Safari and Firefox on OS X, but only because my MacBook spends most of its time plugged in. If I traveled with it very often, I'd probably have switched to Safari long ago.

I make extensive use of Labs including Multiple Inboxes and I do hope this , and others, work and not half test in the normal Google cavalier fashion.

As long as I can keep conversation view turned off, I can adapt to a lot of changes. I still want that to follow over into my Android mobile gmail, however.

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You might officially be the last man standing in the conversation view resistance. Congratulations, take a bow, then go turn on conversation view. :D

Nah, lots of people hate conversation view. Just look at the comments on any post about the Gmail Android app. There are always tons of comments from people who are angry that the app doesn't allow you to switch conversation view off.

+1 I'm in that group! It's an option in the web version, why not in the app? Meanwhile they add a bunch of other crappy features (in the app) I have no use for or remove existing ones I do! :(

The biggest annoyance is that I can't delete the items that don't add to the conversation. I can only do that in the web view. If I do that on Android, it deletes the whole conversation. Often I only need the first and last e-mail in a series.

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Hopefully this is evidence of a larger theme overhaul that shows users greater flexibility in choosing what their email looks like.

Ouch. This just solidifies my reasoning why I pay for email through webmail these days.

Well its's about time. is visually more appealing than I am a big fan of gmail and was not very happy to see that Google is lagging behind - well - we all know who...

Hope to see the update soon.