Dennis Woodside

Google has selected Dennis Woodside to be the new CEO of Motorola Mobility, replacing Sanjay Jha, according to three people speaking to Bloomberg. Woodside is a Google executive who led the company's ad business in North America before overseeing the Google/Motorola Mobility merger.

The deal was recently approved by both the European Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice, so it makes sense that these decisions are being made now.

From the beginning of the acquisition, Google has insisted that Motorola Mobility will remain an independent entity. Google and Motorola Mobility have yet to issue an official announcement.

Source: Bloomberg


Reader comments

Google reportedly (and unsurprisingly) picks Dennis Woodside to replace Sanjay Jha as Motorola Mobility CEO


Not sure if I like the move. Sanjay was doing a pretty good job of raising Moto Mobility from the dead. I know with new ownership comes new management, but if it aint broke, why fix it?

Are you MAD? What Ground Breaking Device has come out of Moto since h's been there? The Xoom?? Oh wait.... the Keyboard Droids... oh wait. . . the Droid Bionic's Glorious Release! oh wait.... Releasing 2 Razrs back to back one with just better battery life... oh wait...


The Razr MAXX is a pretty remarkable device. It is exactly what the original RAZR should have been.

Really your dissing motorola if the orginal droid wasnt around then android woudnt b where its at. Motorola propeled android above and beyound where it was at.

U literally just contradicted yourself in everything you just said. All if those are the exact things that have made motorola relevant again....and that's why you work at Starbucks instead of running a multi million dollar company you @$$ hat

Of this means the end of "the vendor skin that dare not speak its name," then good. Seriously, the ICS version looks like @$$. It just gets uglier with each iteration.

That is the end of the M will be independent CRAP. Samsung and HTC better look over your shoulder. The Android free gravy train just stopped.

Motorola has been on life support and circling the drain for some time. This marriage will (I hope) be a "Six Million-Dollar Man" Surgery.

"Gentlemen we can rebuild [Motorola]...

We have the technology...

better than [their products were] before...




Sanjay essentially forced Google into buying Motorola. He was on the verge of caving to Microsoft, threatened to leverage Motos patent portfolio against Android OEMs, and drove up the sale price of MMI by a substantial amount. He may have got a great return for Motos shareholders, that's his job, but I'm not surprised Google is replacing him for someone Google friendly.

I'm not going to hold my breath for a Moto Nexus or any preferential treatment for Motorola post-acquisition. It is not in their interest to give Moto special treatment over the other OEMs and risk losing share to WP7. My guess is that they follow through in running it as a separate entity, acquire the patents, then sell or spin off the rest of the company.

Just my two cents, but I'm not sad to see Sanjay go nor am I surprised that he is.