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Invites are going out for a Google event in San Francisco, Calif. next Wednesday, July 24. Dubbed "breakfast with Sundar Pichai," the event will likely cover new developments in Android or Chrome, the two product areas Pichai now oversees. The event will also be livestreamed on YouTube for those who can't be there.

On the Android side, we're expecting the arrival of a new OS version — version 4.3 — and possibly a new ASUS-built Nexus tablet along with it. There's also the possibility that the newly-Googlified Motorola could drop in to show off its new Moto X handset.

Whatever happens, we'll be live from San Francisco next Wednesday to bring you full coverage.

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chris.wueste says:

Finally!!!! Been waiting forever for a Google press conference. 4.3 ftw. Also....FIRST!!!!!!

mzanette says:

You said it. FINALLY.

Gearu says:

4.3 now added to the list of things the 2nd gen S4 Active should have (alongside 32/64 storage and Snapdragon 800).
Please don't mess up the revised S4 active Samsung...

turdbogls says:

sweet...right around lunch time so I'll be able to watch it live.
can't wait to see what they have in store.

mstrblueskys says:

Gotta love lunch Keynotes.

n0obpr0 says:

I second that

Can't wait to see what Google has in stored for Android!!

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C_C0LE says:

Really hope this includes a new Nexus 7, or something similar. I've had my girlfriend hold off buying me something for our anniversary for over a month now hoping it would have launched already.

Rehzonance says:


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Google4Lifee says:

Ahhhh Android 4.3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meleagru says:

Looks good. Hopefully it's something more concrete.

Small_law says:

Time to get excited folks.

zackmack7 says:

I only care about the new Nexus 7! My birthday is in a few weeks and I need to treat myself to a new tablet.

FordsCapri says:

What YouTube channel will it be livestreamed on?

I have no idea, but I hope my internet is being a little faster that day. (I have a horrible internet service)

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eahinrichsen says:

I'm sure there will be a link to it on the YouTube main page on the 24th.

zachavm says:

Now I just need to decide if I should return the Nook I bought to get this.

..the answer is likely yes.

btgrave says:

You already know what you have to do.

dcjose48 says:

Lol +1

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dcjose48 says:

Lol +1

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still1 says:

please Google do it right this time.

1. Open Nexus 7 2 order right on 24th
2. No order/wallet issues
3. No Shipping/Tracking issues
4. Release 4.3 for Nexus 10,Nexus7(all version), Nexus 4 and Galaxy nexus on 24th

Google4Lifee says:

lol. I highly doubt it will be that smooth. Although it would be awesome.. Google might surprise us this time!

NoNexus says:

1. No, but not long after I would think since it is done
2. LOL
3. lol--but they always aren't googles fault
4. Well I think you will get this one on the 24th or 25th. Since it is already already at the OEMs

HAAS599 says:


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Baleeted says:

I'm hoping they announce all the new Nexus devices together.

brendilon says:

Unlikely. From a marketing perspective, grabbing headlines for one event is far inferior to grabbing them for three.

Connor Mason says:

A whole Nexus lineup would be awesome.

Hunter Petit says:


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Very exciting and just around the corner. Come on 4.3!

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n0obpr0 says:

oh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht!!! I'm stocked

cucabueno says:

although I'm super excited for the Nexus 7 2 and for Android 4.3, I can't deny that I am way more excited for the Moto X. I REALLY hope they announce it that day. Come on Moto X! $250 out of contract and $50 on contract!

Henry Dawn says:

It is impossible for Moto X and Android 4.3 to share the same stage in a Google event without other manufacturers.

Hunter Petit says:

Yeah! 4.3 and Nexus 7 2nd gen are awesome, but I'm waiting for the Moto X!

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Chex313 says:

Yes!! CAN'T WAIT! Need an LTE/32GB Nexus ....Please!!! What a pleasant surprise, thought it would come nearer Sept...assuming they announce hardware...which they may not...but here's hoping!

reeper55 says:

I have a LTE / 32GB Nexus.
In fact I have had it for a year and a half!
It's the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. :-)

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brendilon says:

You mean the Samsung Galaxy Not-a-Nexus on Verizon?

return_0 says:

That isn't a Nexus.

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ConTejas says:

Oh please not that crap again. Google decides what is and is not a Nexus. I owned and loved the LTE Gnex (hated VZW), and it was every bit as much a Nexus as my N4. Although certainly not nearly as sweet.

If you think most people buy Nexi and leave them stock for OTAs...every poll I've ever seen says you're dead wrong. It has the most and best dev support for a reason.

jamie0 says:

anyone think 4.3 will be avail as update before the n5 arrives...if it does

ConTejas says:

Rumor has it the N5 will lauch Android 5.0. 4.3 is just the last bit of polish for 4.x.x. How does anyone that visits tech sites say such things like "if it does" exist regarding the N5. It does. Period.

What Google will reveal at this event:

Stock Android browser will cease to exist starting September

Chrome will take over as the official browser for Android devices

Android 4.3 with Google Maps on the home screen and integrated functions

Updated Google Now function with more new "tricks"

Google+ will now appear on the home screen(can be turned off by user)

I didn't realize that Google released the details of this event./s

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anuraj1 says:

My GNex can't handle Chrome. It is a terrible user experience. Hopefully they won't totally get rid of the Android Browser.

ACADM says:

There are other browsers you can use other than Android or Chrome. I didn't even know there was a Android browser, don't think I've even seen it.

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It is the stock browser that comes with your phone. I think Samsung removes it in place of their own, but I am not sure.

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arturodelac says:

(1)(2)They can't get rid of the stock android browser because its proprietary from Google and stock android does not include a single app from google

(3)Google maps already has a lwp that can be used on the hone screen if that's what you mean

(4)Of course

(5)Doubt it

(5) probably thanks to the 17 former Facebook employees who now work at Google?

Dirty-Bird says:

Verizon even it the day before, right? Likely they announce the Moto X. Google may mention it.

Chex313 says:

And the Nexus 5? Made by LG and it equals the Optimus G2....No? OK would you buy the Moto X then? No would you buy a shoe phone? Made by Samsung? 5 different sizes? :)

eahinrichsen says:

The only shoe phone I'd ever buy is made by CONTROL.

jean15paul says:

mmmmmmm ... anrdoid pron coming soon....

hoosiercub says:

Still no Nexus 10 refresh news *le sigh*

return_0 says:

The N10's only been out for 8 months. What do you expect?

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John-Smith says:

To be fair, the Nexus 7 was out for 3 months before they were already making changes to it.

vansmack says:

Alex, the live stream link doesn't work. ;)

Very excited and I don't even know what it's about.

s2weden2000 says:

not 4.3 ..5.o

ConTejas says:

Yeah, the N4 running 4.3 in May, the GE S4/One with it more recently, and not a single report of 5.0 says you're no psychic.

Day after the VZW Droid event. Makes sense to drop the Moto X the next day

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benurd says:

Same thought

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damo says:

What is it with the hype for 4.3???? Can you honestly say that once you install it you are going to think - wow! ??

I understand the hype for 5.0 as there should be some bigger changes, but 4.3? Calm down boys and girls!

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I see buzzkillington has arrived.

misaacs6516 says:

Now who enjoys a good story about bridges...


Howard B 123 says:

It most likely is 4.3. I noticed this issue raises on the Android issue tracker a few hours ago that has since been hastily removed:

Issue 57739 created: "Andorid 4.3 release broke GPS location"

by q...@google

Hi, yesterday my Galaxy Nexus asked me to upgrade my Android to version 4.3.

Since then the GPS location stopped working: - Navigation never works, it just "Searches for GPS location" - Maps location sort of works, but poorly, it has a rough idea where I am, however there is always a radius of uncertainty around me -- the location is never exact or correct (there is always a few meters or more difference ).

This started exactly after I upgraded to version 4.3

Is there an easy way to downgrade? Maps navigation is a feature I use most every day.

Ryandroid86 says:

I am hoping they announce the new messaging integration with Hangouts.


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John-Smith says:

Hmmff.. Wasn't even thinking about that.

GVoice w/ hangouts would be sweet. GV looks like it was designed in the early 00's

Jamaar White says:

I have been waiting for SMS integration since Hangouts was released.

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LazyEvul says:

Been waiting for 4.3 on my Nexus 4 ever since I got it - I want Bluetooth 4.0! Here's hoping they launch it that day.

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sidharth says:

Have been waiting for the Nexus 7 refresh for 2 months. Was expecting at IO but did not happen. Hope this is worth the wait

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I just discovered this site and love it already just for the comment section. I just came from The Verge and any article that mentions google or apple (and even if they don't) turn into one long argument about the faults of android and iOS

NoreenD says:

I'm a fan of Android Central, and if I may say so, "Welcome to Android Central!" It's definitely a favorite of mine! Sit back, and enjoy the show! Read, learn, listen, view, and share in the experience that is Android Central! I have learned a lot by the AC team and the readers that have helped by providing helpful information and good points of view/experiences through their comments!

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imanexus says:

+1 Welcome!

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darkkal says:

Not trying to downplay any of the hype, but unless I see something from Google themselves saying "Yes, we will be releasing a new Android version" or something like that, I'm not convinced. Exciting to see what they plan to announce at the event though, and if it really does turn out to be 4.3 and the Nexus 7 (along with other stuff), then cheers!

hhurtado1 says:

It will be 4.3 and a new N7. Anything else would but a surprise.

NoreenD says:

And...I'm excited by this news! Please, bring it on Google! We're waiting, watching, & hoping for something good!

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TyBec says:

My GNex terribly needs an update as it feels full of bugs, but I'm excited about any chrome OS news. I recently purchased an Acer C7 and love it. I can't wait to see what's coming!

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Bojan Tomic says:

9AM, but what time zone? :)

zackmack7 says:

west coast