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Google: Delayed app developer payments now going out

Reports have emerged over the past couple of weeks that a significant number of European Android developers have yet to receive their payment for sales during February 2012. And today, Google has today informed affected developers that payment has been initiated, and that the money should start...
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Google Play Store updated, new tabbed My Apps UI and app review features

An update is beginning to push out to the Android Market Google Play Store bumping it to build number 3.5.15. With it comes a change in the UI to the "My Apps" area, and some handy new features built into application reviews that bring it more into line with the desktop version. For us outside...
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EA Sports launches FIFA 12 and NBA Jam on Google Play

EA Sports has released two long-awaited titles on Google Play in Europe and North America today -- FIFA (Soccer) 12 and NBA Jam. FIFA 12 is the latest in the long-running soccer football franchise, and launched on games consoles and iOS last October. The Android version originally launched...
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A number of European developers left waiting for Google Play payouts

Admittedly we're not all that versed on the ins and outs of how Google pays developers for apps purchased from the Android Market Google Play. But one thing we do know is an angry mob (editors are particularly good at spotting them), and one appears to be growing in the Google Checkout Merchant...
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Get Google Play up and running on your Logitech Revue [How-To]

Ask anyone who has a Logitech Revue, and they'll tell you it can be a temperamental son-of-a-biscuit every now and then. Most of us still love the Google TV experience, but owning a Revue means you'll need to get familiar with work-arounds. Here's a simple one to get the Google play update running...
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Google Play Store Version 3.4.7 fixes link on Moto phones

The Google Play Store has been updated to Version 3.4.7. We repeat: The Google Play Store has been updated to Verison 3.4.7. You folks on Motorola phones can now hit that secondary store link in your app drawer without fear of failure. That is all.

Late-night poll: What do you think of the 'Google Play' portal name?

We've had a couple of days to settle in (and debate) the new Google Play branding that covers the old Android Market, Google Book, Google Music, and Google Movies content stores. We've also been enjoying the sales in effect on apps and digital media (get Flick Golf Extreme from Google Play for a...
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Google Music Manager also updated with Google Play branding

Not a huge update, we suppose, but the Google Play branding has made its way into a new version of what previous was Google Music Manager. Guess now it's Google Play Music Manager? Snag the latest version at the link below. Download: Google Play Music Manager; Thanks, Chris!

DroidDoodle: Playing around ...

RIP Android Market. More DroidDoodles Apps DroidDoodle: The EVO 4G LTE cometh 8 Comments Posted by Jason Harrison on 15 May 2012 7:26 pm The EVO 4G LTE will be here...
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Reminder: The Android Market is now the Play Store

We've gotten more than a few e-mails today from folks wondering where the heck their Android Market app has gone and run off to. (Don't laugh, it's perfectly OK to take a day off from obsessing over Android news.) If you missed the news yesterday, the Android Market is now the Google Play Store....
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Google Play Store now replacing Android Market over-the-air

The new Google Play Store has started rolling out to Android phones, tablets and Google TV's over the air, following Google's announcement earlier today. The Play Store (or Play Shop in the UK) replaces the Android Market, and unites all of Google's content delivery platforms under one single...
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Are you an Android developer? Or a Google Play developer?

Above are two sets of branding standards, one old, one new. It's pretty obvious to tell which is which. On top, the now-defunct "Available in Android Market" badge you might have seen on any number of Android app developers' websites. Beneath is the new Google Play branding, which either denotes...
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Pick up 25 top Android apps for 49 cents each on Google Play

We could tell something was up when a bunch of leading applications suddenly appeared on the Android Market for just 49 cents. And now we know why -- Google is celebrating the launch of its new Google Play content portal by offering a 25 leading Android apps for 49 cents each (49p in the UK)....
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Rebranded Google Play apps starting to push out already

The ink is hardly dry on the new Google Play signage, and newly rebranded Google Play apps are already starting to drop into the Android Market Google Play Store Android apps section. (See, isn't that easier to say?) Google's Music, Videos and Books apps will update and rebrand themselves to Play...
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Google Play unveiled - the new place for Music, Apps, Books and Video

Google's content portal for Android apps, music, books and video content has been consolidated under a new name -- Google Play. Google Play which is now live on the web at, will replace the old Android Market, Google Music, Google Books and Videos service, giving users  a clear one...