Google Play Birthday

Google Play has turned one year old, and although it kicked off the celebration slowly on day 1 the flood gates are now open to hundreds of deals across the store. There are special deals now for TV rentals, discounts on popular books, free games and a whole lot more. Here are the landing pages that group them all up:

There's a whole lot of free and severely discounted content available for the next few days, so get in there and see what you can find. See anything particularly worth while? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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drhere says:

I'm just seeing the same stale stuff they were showing earlier this week. Maybe it hasn't refreshed yet.

Zlateway says:

I bought Action Launcher Pro for 50% off.

So did I and I'm really happy so far. Also got Final Fantasy Dimensions which is really fun.

ExtremeNerd says:

Same here. Well worth the discounted price. Have been waiting for that.

makapav says:

These are some truly garbage deals. They've done faaar better deals earlier.

US only? Honestly if Google pushed all the services (Movie, TV, Books...) to the rest of the planet Apple would never sell another phone outside of America

Gekko says:

maybe your government is in the way?

chaosking123 says:

I seem to think the US agencies that run these things are (MPAA and RIAA in particular). That being said however, in countries like mine (Trinidad and Tobago) where the vast majority of the population doesn't see digital media as a legitimate reason to spend money, everyone pirates stuff. And I mean everyone, from cops to lawyers man. So the whole "We can't buy stuff from here!" argument is moot to those from developing worlds anyway.

Gekko says:

Martonik - these deals suck. where are the good apps??????

icu says:

Show me a hardware discount and I'll get excited. I know that's not going to happen...

Action Launcher is the only interesting discount Imo.

mesocyclonic says:

Hey, a free episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus! That's enough to make me happy.

dkeven says:

Sadly Google offers seem to always be lacking, as in first one to buy the little tablet for a higher price with the bubbly screen. run run away

stevovr says:

UK offerings are absolute rubbish.